Natural Ways to Beat the Festive Hangover

After a night out – Before you hit the sack.  Up your intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a valuable nutrient to help your liver detoxify alcohol.  At the end of your drinking session drink at least 2-3 glasses of water or coconut water (e.g Vita Coco or GO CO). as your body will be dehydrated then before you go to bed take 1g of vitamin C and 5g of glutamine powder (see supplement suggestions below) to help stabilize sugar levels and repeat this in the morning before you tackle breakfast. 

Breakfast the morning after– repeat the vitamin C and glutamine before eating with a glass of coconut water (replenishes electrolytes)
B vitamin Complex (see supplements)
Glutathione supplement (see supplements)

Upset stomach? Ginger is one of my favourite remedies for nausea / sickness. Drinking ginger tea or cordial can soothe your stomach.  Alternatively suck on a ginger sweet or munch on a little crystallised ginger.  The sugar it contains also helps to bring up your blood sugar levels which can crash following a night of alcohol.

Through the day drink Green Tea (antioxidant and supports detox pathways) and coconut water (supports hydration, balance electrolytes)

Breakfast options
Green Juice or Smoothie – support your liver and flood the body with water and electrolytes to rehydrate. Juice 1 head of celery, 1 cucumber with 1 lemon and 2 apples.  Add some powdered Pro Greens Powder (Allergy Research) for further detox support.
Banana Ultra Meal – Excessive alcohol can diminish carbohydrate levels and deplete magnesium and B vitamins. Bananas are useful source of B6, magnesium and quick releasing carbs to perk you up. Combine with Ultra Clear Shake for a quick and speedy option.
2-egg omelette with spinach – Eggs contains an amino acid called N acetyl cysteine one of  the building blocks of a potent antioxidant called glutathione which is important in ridding the body of the toxins from alcohol. Protein will also help support energy levels through the morning

Exercise if you feel up to it – this is a great way to encourage the body to detox effectively.

Green Tropical Smoothie – get the green super foods in a protein shake.  These are effective at supporting phase 1 and 2 of the detoxification pathways. Blend together a scoop of ProGreens, packet of fresh pineapple chunks with 1 serving of protein powder or Ultra Clear  with milk or water.

LUNCH – keep it light and full of antioxidant rich vegetables – try Tideford Organic Soups or a broccoli soup or watercress soup.  The leafy green cruciferous veg are important sources of glucosinolates which support the detoxification pathways of the liver.

Energy Shot – Beet it shots (beetroot is useful to aid bile flow)
Handful of nuts and seeds – the essential fats reduce inflammation in the body and provide protein to support blood sugar


Handful of blueberries and natural yogurt – the probiotics help settle any digestive upsets and also play a role in detoxification.

DINNER – Salmon Kedgeree – Salmon provides protein and essential fats needed for liver function, wholegrain rice provides B vitamins important for the detox pathways and helps stabilise blood sugar.  Serve with steamed greens like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts.

Bedtime Snack – Pomegranate Shake – pomegranate juice has been shown to support the detox pathways – use 100% juice and blend with a protein powder or Ultra Clear Shake for a simple protein shake. 

Alcohol depletes many nutrients in the body particularly B vitamins so it’s worth taking a B vitamin complex first thing in the morning.  B vitamins are important for production of energy and to help detoxification of the alcohol..  The supplements listed below are aimed to support detoxification pathways, settle the stomach and digestive tract and / or balance blood sugar.

Some of My Favourites
The following products can be ordered from Nutri Tel.  0800 212 742. Number to quote is 3040726 to order
Nutri B complex 2 daily (morning)
Nutri MegaMag Energen Plus magnesium supplement – great added to water and sipped through the day. Magnesium is a great energiser
UltraClear PH Plus – a specialised protein, vitamin and mineral formula to support liver function and healthy body composition

THE FOLLOWING ORDER THROUGH NUTRI LINK LTD Tel  08450 760 402 Quote code 697 to order.

Acetyl Glutathione 1 daily (morning)
Glutamine Powder – take 1 scoop 2-3 times daily mixed into juice or water
ProGreens (Allergy Research) 1 scoop in a smoothie or a little apple juice or juice 1-2 times a day
Vitamin C Mixed Ascorbate Powder (Biotics) 1/2tsp gives around 1g vitamin C

Remember to drink plenty of fluids – green tea, coconut water, green juices, herbal teas, water through the day as well

Wishing you a Happy Hangover Free New Year

Christine Bailey MSc PGCE MBANT

Advance Nutrition Ltd

Nutritionist (BSc Hons)

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CAM AWARD WINNER 2012 Highly Commended For Outstanding Contribution to the Community

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