Those Flu Shots!

We’re led to believe that by getting a flu shot, we’re protected from the flu. If this were the case then surely we should be given the current strain of the flu, right? Nope! The flu shot is always made from last years flu so if you’re a time traveller then there might be a benefit but even then…

And on the topic of immunity, the reality is that when the vaccine enters the system, our immune system is blocked by the myriad of toxins, that way the illness that’s being injected can do it’s thing. So surely those vulnerable, ill people who the powers that be insist on receiving the shot are adversely effected? Surely by injecting an ill person with a substance to halt their immune system while they receive a virus is detrimental?


Worse still if the immune system is constantly compromised, there might come a time when it doesn’t switch on again, it happens!

And then there’s the matter of the chemicals. Flu shots contain aluminium (we all threw this aluminium pans out years ago for good reason), antibiotics (which destroy the gut bacteria and in turn the body’s natural immunity), egg protein (fine to eat and is it’s organic and free range but I wouldn’t inject it into my blood stream!), formaldehyde (yikes! There’s nothing like being injected with a carcinogenic substance), MSG or monosodium glutamate (we all know to avoid that one too, unless you’d like your brain to be a bit ga ga!), and thimerosal (that’s made from mercury)… 4 out of 7 brands used in the UK still contain Mercury.

On the subject of heavy metals… what happens when they enter the system? So much!!Digestive enzymes are destroyed by heavy metals, so digestion is compromised. Specifically those enzymes are then not available to break down gluten and milk proteins, and when this happens the proteins enter the blood stream and can enter the brain (if the blood brain barrier is compromised) and then we feel terrible!

Our body needs a balanced level of Zinc and Copper in order to deal with heavy metals (it’s the Zinc that helps the body to clear them) and if we’re stressed then the zinc levels deplete copper takes over and we then can’t deal with the mercury received, it circulates in the body and deposits itself in places, scary places! So again, people are ill (and most probably have poor zinc/copper ratios are more effected), and we know what heavy metals do to the elderly, especially if received year after year and the toxicity builds.  And those stressed out executives who receive the shot as a company requirement are sure to be effected.

And these shots are being marketed to pregnant women! I’m going to sound like my mother but… ‘Oh my!’ A baby’s blood brain barrier isn’t properly developed until around 6 months (that’s 6 months after birth) so sweet little babies in the womb are super susceptible to toxicity (that’s why we no longer smoke in pregnancy, eat well, avoid toxins, right!). Imagine a small developing (exposed) brain receiving a shot of all of those toxins, and a virus? Of course there are reports of miscarriages after receipt of the flu shot but no-one can be sure of the correlation, no-one who should take responsibility anyway!

In my practice, I often treat people who just haven’t been well since the flu shot. It’s so common. And some people become incredibly unwell…  I’ve treated chronic fatigue, ME, MS, paralysis, infertility, auto-immune disease, skin conditions, chorines disease and of course Autism all of which (in those cases) started after a flu shot. It’s the job of a good Homeopath to pinpoint the factor that caused the issue and to clear that effect, while healing the results. I use CEASE Therapy which is a type of Homeopathy and is incredibly effective in healing the effects of toxins received.

Thankfully more and more countries are stopping the sale of flu vaccines for obvious reasons, the UK unfortunately hasn’t yet done that.

I know I’ve been ranting so now for some positive stuff! The human body is the most amazing, beautiful thing. We are designed to live in great health, the body has a beautiful process of immunity and detoxification… when in good health we from time to time get a cold or a flu, it’s the body’s way of releasing any physical or emotional toxicity. We throw a fever, have a few days in bed and then feel so much better.  It’s only when we tamper with the body’s natural processes that it can no longer do this, we either don’t allow the body to become ill or if we do it lingers because the body isn’t strong. When immunity has been thwarted, when illnesses are suppressed, the body no longer has the energy to throw a good healthy fever. Boo!

So by doing all of those things that naturally boost immunity (take a look at my recent posts on this… part 1 and part 2), by understanding and allowing the body to follow its natural processes, invasive things like the flu shot are no longer required. The drug companies might not be so happy about that but the world would be a much better place.. healthier and happier people!

Rant over!

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 Kay Wesley Homeopath