The Atlas Clinic Launches In Harley Street

Misaligned Atlas:

Back Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraines,

Postural, Tension, Torticollis, Idiopathic Scoliosis, Tilted Pelvis

Aligned Atlas:

Health, Balance, Homeostasis – over all wellbeing 


Matthew Voigts, with 25 years of clinical experience, is currently the only osteopath in the UK (in fact globally) practicing The AtlasPROFilax® method, having been trained and

certified as a specialist at the Atlas Academy® in Switzerland. The AtlasPROFilax® method – a safe, strategic, non-chiropractic massage to the short muscles of the neck – was discovered and developed in the mid-90’s by Swiss Doctor René C. Schϋmperli, himself painfully afflicted by the condition. He introduced a training programme for therapists in 2004. In his research, Schϋmperli found that several advanced cultures from antiquity (notably Mayan and Egyptian) regularly practiced manual repositioning of the atlas in

relation to their understanding of the etheric body.

Much speculation continues to surround 2012 as the year of transformation, and with this

re-harnessing of ancient wisdom contained within Schϋmperli’s technique, the timely

emergence of such a therapy might seem fitting to some.

While sufferers of back and neck pain resign themselves to repeat visits to osteopaths and

chiropractors to treat a myriad of complaints associated with spinal health, The

AtlasPROFilax® method delivers a restorative healing to the patient in one application (one

further appointment to assess the reposition of the atlas bone is essential). 

Once realignment of the atlas is accomplished (immediately following the application) dramatic

changes can occur physically and emotionally and patients are guided through the

likelihood of what to expect. Typical reactions are varied and include a relief of neck and

back pain, boosted immune system, increased peripheral vision and sharpened senses,

correction of leg length discrepancy, re-balance of the pelvis, freedom from tension and

headaches and a heightened sense of euphoria. 

“On correction of the Atlas, the body needs

to adapt and changes can occur for anything up to a few years later” says Voigts.

Passionate about bringing the benefits to a wider clientele, Voigts and Laurence Edney, cofounder

and Clinic Director, are optimistic regarding growth given the current level of

interest in the therapy and business is growing largely on word of mouth.

 Edney says, “What’s exciting is the feedback we are receiving from a wide range of clients, all

commenting positively on the application and the effect(s) it has had on their lives – these

clients range from ballerinas to doctors, footballers and athletes, yoga and pilate teachers

to city traders, high court judges and 9 year old children”. 

Certainly testimonials point to a

widespread acknowledgement of the method as key to relieving long held symptoms. Dr.

Steve Hajioff, private GP says, “I don’t believe in miracle cures or single treatments that are that transformational but in this case AtlasPROFilax® worked for me”.

The AtlasPROFilax® method is not an alternative to a medical treatment or diagnosis and

as such must be undertaken alongside any ongoing medical treatments.

To book: The Atlas Clinic

Prices start from £100 for infants and adolescents under the age of 16 / £160 for adults