How To Boost your Immunity Naturally


Gut health is so important to our health in general. A healthy gut flora means a healthy immunity. With the right balance of  bacteria in our digestive system the body can deal with not only the food that enters the body but also germs. A healthy gut is strong and discerning and can handle anything coming its way! Poor gut health leads to weakness, poor digestion (of course!), weakened gut walls, leaky gut, hay fever and other allergies and poor immunity.

Incorporating fermented foods into your daily diet is so important, organic fruit and veg also contain good bacteria (it comes from the lush soil they’re grown in) as does spring water from good sources.

Exercise stimulates T cells which then help the body to get rid of invaders. Choose an exercise that you love (then we’re more likely to actually do it) and keep in mind that you don’t need to go crazy… small amounts of exercise daily is perfect.

Staying Hydrated is so important for immunity. Without good quality water flowing through the systems, our Kidneys can’t flow as they need to, then they have trouble deciding with best to get rid of and what to recycle into the body, in which case usually everything’s dumped (and we miss out on that good stuff) or in extreme cases there’s no flow at all (energetically anyway) and the body holds onto everything! A good flow physically also means a good flow emotionally, yay!

When we’re de-hydrated, our body doesn’t work as it’s meant to… everything slows down, we become weak and ‘sticky’, less able to shake off others moods/energies and bugs.

Vitamin D is often called the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’. It helps accelerate the healing of tissue and cells, and reduce the risk of cells becoming malignant. Vitamin D has been touted as a preventative measure for seasonal flu’s (including bird and swine flu), due to vitamin D’s positive effects on immunity. You can read more about Vitamin D here.

Good quality food is of course vital to health, food is our fuel, poor fuel in, poor performance. Good food in (and a well running machine), good performance! Processed foods and toxic foods are hard to digest and the body then needs to use it’s energy for that job and not for getting rid of invaders.

Toxicity‘s a big topic! Of course if our body is holding onto toxins, it is burdened and can’t use that energy for other things, including immunity. Toxicity can be held in the body for years, for a lifetime in fact. It reduces the function of major organs and at times blocks their function. So the answer is tow-fold… reduce your exposure to chemical toxicity where possible, periodically cleanse the body of toxicity and for the deeply held stuff, seek some help to release it from your body (CEASE therapy is a brilliant tool for doing just that).

On the top of the list (for me anyway) are three toxin groups which strip the body of it’s healthy bacteria, and in turn its natural immunity…. vaccinations, antibiotics and the contraceptive pill. More on those later.

So, eat your fermented veg, get on your bike, drink some lovely water, hang out in the sun (or plan a holiday), visit your local farmers market for some pure and healthy foods and avoid the nasty stuff!