Sauerkraut – another beneficial probiotic food

 But the name is as you probably well know is derived from Germany :-
sauer= sour     kraut=greens

Because food has the potential to increase the electrical energy  or prana /chi for our cells it is important to consider the organic side of vegetables. As we know the pesticides  & herbicides will only damage the body in many ways. Sauerkraut was intended to be used only with natural organic cabbage . It is only in past 20 years or so that the earth has been bombarded system-atically with the use of thesedead-ly poisons.

Here is a Kirlain photo of a live Chinese cabbage leaf. The more organic live food you eat – meaning a food that is still alive and  you could sprout or grow it , the more your cell membranes will hold an electrical charge and emit LIGHT. All living things from plants to animals to humans emit light – biophotons  -we are electrical beings and very much SUN-solar powered. True golden alchemy from natures very own abundant pharmacy   :)
Did you know that the sun is made up of 70% gold! Toxicity of many chemical kinds will gunk up your cells and prevent the receptor sites from connecting  i.e. producing a current. In Chinese medicine where there is Dampness in the body there will be less Chi flowing, so less connection between cells and another life being. The Chinese look at foods with energy in nature and talk about foods that create Dampness. I will be talking about this in my next blog. So the Biophotonswill be reduced and this is why we need to eat alive food with probiotics and organic veggies and fruits.

Chi & Prana unseen by the average naked eye but may be seen by the use of Kirlain photography seen in the image above is a great indication of these biophotons. But we may simply notice the change in our energy level by simply introducing these type of healthy living foods into our body on a regular basis.

Food that emits biophotons helps to form our blood.  Blood in Chinese medicine is seen as a moving force and a bridge to human consciousness. In Chinese Medicine blood is not only a life -giving substance circulating through out the body but it is seen as a force with sensitivities to the influence of Chi.   So blood nourishes our very being and is very much dependent on the chi from our food & also the air we breath & our actions & thoughts.  Our chi which will effect the BLOOD.  It helps us to CONNECT…cell to cell from one to another living bee-ing. “we reap what we sow”

Here in this Dr David Jubb you tube video we can see another Kirlain photograph of hands emitting light     You can increase the electrons in you cells tenfold depending on our source of food, water , air & our mind & actions.

This light emission- biophotons-  is an expression of the functional state of the living organism and its measurement therefore can be used to assess our health & wellbeing.


Did you know that our tongue is the first line of prana or chi interaction with food along with our nasal passages. When we are in tune or alignment energetically we will intuitively know which foods smell good for us and which foodstaste good for us. For example my tongue knows when something is going to have a negative impact on my body because the sides of my tongue actually contract. As my Chinese herbalist once told me  ”Our body is like a computer”   :)  My tongue is relaying information to the rest of the sensitive energy  or electrical body circuit. Tune in …and you will become aware of what your body needs. Just try it if you haven’t already done so….close your eyes and open the fridge door and notice all the various smells in your fridge and see what healthy foods your nose smells good for you etc..

Sauerkraut is made with organic green or red cabbage as the main ingredient . When the shredded cabbage leaves are put under pressure the juice allows the shredded cabbage to ferment in the naturally created lactic acid bacteria –  Leuconostoc, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus  = lacto -fermentation.




Sauerkraut is known for its amazing healing properties:-

  • on the intestine i.e. by introducing live beneficial bacteria mainly the  Lactobacillus plantarum which is considered an effective antibiotic & probiotic
  •  the live enzymes help to improve the digestive system and therefore improving our immune system
  • sauerkraut creates antioxidants such as Vitamin C helping to fight against free radicals & therefore boosting the immune system
  • cabbage in Chinese medicine also strengthens the stomach & spleen energies, which can help to improve poor appetites
  • the fermentation produces phytochemicals again helping to fight against the cold, flu etc
  • the cabbage family is known to be linked to preventing certain sex related hormone cancers such as breast cancer due to the many factors mentioned above and that the brassica family contain glucosinolates and the enzyme myrosinase which, when broken down by chewing or cutting, release several biologically active products which previous studies have shown to possess anti-carcinogenic properties….. such as compounds isothiocyanate  and sulporaphane
  • Diallyl sulfide (DAS) – in garlic, has been shown to inhibit the effects of PhIP (a carcinogen )
  • raw garlic also is also a methyl donor & it also helps to eliminate some metals. Please see my blog on garlic for more information & the health benefits on garlic
  • juniper berries have been used medicinally for many years as far back as the Egyptians! And also used a lot by the Western Native American Indians. It works on the pancreas and helps to release insulin so helping blood sugar levels. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits too.
    These berries are known to irritate the kidneys if you use too many seeds, so people with certain kidney problems have to be careful. But they are also known to dissolve kidney stones in the prostate !
    And on another interesting note whilst on these amazing berries they are used as a female contraceptive by some tribes!   :)

Remember most dis-ease begins in the colon

You might also like to know that Sauerkraut also contains:-

  • vitamin C
  • vitamin A
  • sodium (if you use salt to make it, obviously there will be an increase in sodium. Derek’s recipe is salt free )
  • potassium
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • niacin- B3
  • Folic acid
  • vitamin K
  • B6
  • Iron
On a word of caution if you are suffering from an under active thyroid which is all too common a problem these days, you may find the raw brassica family a group of vegetables to avoid till you rebalance your thyroid and liver functions. As the raw brassica family contain high levels of goitrogens which prevent the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland plus/ and iodine uptake in the rest of the body…ie suppressing the thyroid function. The Raw community has a particularly high intake of these brassica vegetables and it should be monitored with caution for each individual. Listen to your body   :)
Fermenting does not reduce the level of goitrogens that cruciferous vegetables contain.
So you might wish to add iodine rich seaweed to your sauerkraut. You may also add rejuvelac or coconut water kefir as part of the liquids input in the recipe.
Sauerkraut is a great dish to add to your diet but in moderation    :) You could also replace cabbage with other vegetable and experiment with fermenting like kimchi etc . Here is another you tube video about fermenting celery!
For more information contact Susan Laing