How To Restore Health After Antibiotics

BEFORE we start please understand…


I am NOT ANTI anti-biotics. 

I am PRO informed choices and education. 

I am PRO moderation in ALL things – including medications. 


We know that antibiotics are overused in today’s society so there is the issue of resistance and effectiveness now that we have never experienced before – as documented by science. 


There are lots of options listed in my post here Natures Antibiotics – An Exhaustive List that you can look at taking because they are basically harmless. 


If you HAD to have antibiotics you may be feeling less than flash now. Why is that? Well, along with wiping out whatever BACTERIAL infection you had (antibiotics DO NOT WORK on viruses! This is vital to remember because taking them unnecessarily for viral infection means you run the risk of severely reducing effectiveness when something serious happens… be careful what you take and why!) it also wipes out your healthy gut colony or gut bacteria. 


Up to 70% of the body’s immunity comes from healthy gut function and up to 90% of brain chemistry is created IN THE GUT. So it pays to keep it healthy, lovely, pink and chock full of good little bacteria critters who want to make a nest in the gut wall and hang out forever, holding the fort for you.


Your gut is the seat of your health – take care of it!


How to Restore Gut Health AFTER Antibiotics:

You will need:

  • Kefir grains or starter culture OR Probiotic drinks (Babushka’s Kefir is great!)
  • Probiotic powder or capsules
  • Natural yogurt (like Jalna for example) with at least 3 strains of LIVE bacteria – NOT the commercial FLASH HEATED stuff (so forget Activia and Vaalia… the good bacteria are mostly already dead. Don’t beleive me? Put some in a glass jar and cover with cling wrap & an elastic band. Place in a cupboard overnight. Do the same with say, Jalna or kefir and see which ones ferments more… the one with the “puffiest” cling film bubble is more alive… you’ll soon see what I mean when I say some brands aren’t worth it). 


Step 1: Introduce kefir to your diet – ASAP. It is the FASTEST and best way to restore gut health and re-introduce colonising bacteria to your gut.


I buy my kefir grains (also known as “Starter Culture”) from here: 


They look like little pieces of cauliflower – living “clumps” of bacteria. When you get them, take them out of the packet and warm up a litre of milk of your choice (we use goats milk) in a glass container. Pour in your grains when the milk is about 35 degrees. Leave for 24 – 36 hours in a cool, dark cupboard away from sunlight. After this its ready!


Use in place of yogurt in smoothies, on cereals or add stewed fruit for a tasty snack. ½ a cup per day is enough to keep gut health at an optimal level. 1 cup (2 x ½ cup serves) will restore gut health after antibiotics. 


NOTE: DO NOT USE KEFIR or probiotics till AFTER you finish your script of antibiotics or take them 2 hours apart. 


Step 2: In addition to this, take at least 1 tsp of good quality probiotic powder each day for maintenance. If you have had antibiotics, take 1 tsp morning and night 2 hours AFTER you have taken your antibiotics. This will restore the type of bacteria who sweep through the gut and regulate it on their way out – you will poop them out soon enough but they are VERY helpful little critters. Don’t skip this step!


Step 3: Alkalise your diet – immediately. The reason for this is that BAD bacteria THRIVE in an ACIDIC environment. GOOD bacteria thrive in an ALKALINE environment. 


So, by alkalising (you can do this whilst on antibiotics because they too are acidic) you are fighting off the baddies and helping the goodies win the war. 


Stinging Nettle – Natures Wonder Herb!


To alkalise, think GREEN. Green EVERYTHING! Spirulina in smoothies, leafy green vege, cucumber, grapefruit, limes and lemons (and the juices of) cranberry juice etc. Try to go with a small serve of protein (say one egg or tin of line / pole caught tuna) with a large helping of spinach leaves and other green vege. This is a SUPER healthy meal full of goodies to help keep your good bacteria happy, healthy and thriving. 


You can also add things like Stinging Nettle infusion and Chlorophyll to your diet through drinks, smoothies or with juices. The health benefits are PROFOUND from these two things. 


Step 3: Make it a new daily habit to have ½ cup of probiotic rich yogurt. Choose the milk that’s right for your blood type – sheep, goat, cow, buffalo. Have it with alkaline fruits (grapefruit, cranberries, blueberries) for a REALLY healthy snack that will go a long way to restoring gut bacteria and balancing your body again after the onslaught of antibiotics. 

It is not hard to restore gut bacteria after antibiotics BUT it is VITAL and you have to make time and effort to do so. You will benefit from it as gut bacteria is responsible for avoiding a whole HOST of issues later in life; ulcers, colds and flu, food poisoning, diverticulitis, tumours. 


Take a good look at your gut health



If you DO NOT restore your gut bacteria after antibotics, you run the risk of these illnesses later in life but much earlier, you can suffer from leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut is responsible for SO many things including food allergies and intolerances, inability to digest and break food down properly, poor immunity, toxic bowel and a whole host of “uncomfortable” symptoms. It really pays to work on restoring GUT health after you have had ill health – the gut, after all, came from the same clump of embryonic tissue as the brain. One directly affects the other. 

Gut bacteria is a must for anyone looking to maintain a good degree of general wellbeing and optimal health. If you HAD to have antibiotics, don’t worry! 3 – 6 months of this plan will have you well on your way to a healthy gut colony, a healthy happy tummy and better general health all round!


Love and kefir smoothies,


The Eco Mum xo

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