The Vitamin C Files: #1 – Flu and Fever

Vitamin C – Nature’s Citrus Miracle cure-all!



I had a flu-ey thing with a fever, cough, terrible sinus issues (stuffiness, congestion, soreness) from spending too long in an air-conditioned hotel room and plane during a trip away.

I came home quite sick, unable to sleep well and just feeling crap. I had a fever as well and thought “Great time to try out the Vitamin C in terms of bringing down a fever!” 

Out came the Vitamin C powder!

Originally I started with pure Ascorbic Acid but the taste is incredibly sour so I switched to the Melrose Vitamin C powder with calcium ascorbate and orange flavouring in it. MUCH better! 

I took 1tsp of powder in a glass of water every 2 hours on the first day until I got loose in the bowels. I tested my fever after the second dose and it had gone – I was back to normal body temperature. 

Sniffles be gone – with the power of Vitamin C!



I had 4 doses on the first day which was my body’s saturation point – it was about 10 000mg of vitamin C altogether because I use heaped teaspoons not level ones. One level spoon is roughly 2000mg of Vitamin C. 


At that point, I stopped for the day then started again the next day (day two), and did the same the following day (day three).


By day three I had no further symptoms – clear nose, no headaches or body aches, no coughing. After only 3 days on large amounts of vitamin C! 


Studies have shown that a cold / flu virus will last for between 7 – 10 days. Doctors say to let it run its course and just take Panadol for fever, headaches etc. I was able to beat this little sucker down in 3 days… does that give you an idea of the effectiveness and validity of Vitamin C treatment?


I hope so – it works for me!


Love and Vitamin C,

The Eco Mum xo

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