What is Resveratrol?



However, there has been increasing interest in this phytonutrient (technically called a polyphenol phytoalexin) in relationship to the “French paradox,” a situation in which red wine drinking among French citizens has seemingly decreased the risk of heart disease, despite the alcohol and sugar content of the wine. Resveratrol it appears, functions in the body as an antioxidant nutrient, in addition it may  have an important role to play as a phytoestrogen.


Practically the best way to increase your intake of resveratrol is to iclude red grapes, along with other resveratrol-containing foods, in your diet on a more regular basis. Enjoying an occasional glass of biodynamic or organic red wine can also increase your resveratrol intake. Resveratrol is concentrated in the skin of the grapes, so don’t waste your time peeling your grapes before you eat them. Also, non-alcoholic red wine appears to have as much resveratrol as its alcohol-containing couterpart, so you might want to consider adding this beverage to your diet if you would like to increase your intake of resveratrol. 

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