There’s More To Life Than Biscuits – ebook review

Reading complicated scientific books about nutrition and health isn’t the only way of making better choices. And if you are looking for answers, but you are not willing to go through the hassle of trying every single remedy out there, Victoria Leith has exactly what you need: hips of experience, common sense, and a deep understanding of how small changes can improve your lifestyle big time.

When she wrote “There’s More To Life Than Biscuits”, Victoria kept it purposefully short. Her e-book is the official anti-procrastination guide: it offers straightforward tips, real life situations, and realistic solutions for all those who wish to take action right now. After a humorous and rich introduction, you will be taken through 33 witty chapters, each representing common issues that we all face when trying to stick to our diet and fitness plan. The 34th chapter consists of a blank recipe section for you to fill in and short inspirational messages from Victoria to help you select the most nutritious and healthy recipes for your meals.

“Yes, we do all only have one life. But how about waking up every day of that one life feeling brilliant, full of beans and vibrant instead of sluggish, foggy and wanting to crawl back under the duvet?” Victoria Leith

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Why wait tomorrow to make a change? The time is now.