My Journey to Health the Ancient Way

This words have been with me all my life, and when I left home at the age of 18 I did not think that I would necessarily have to think about “being healthy”, I just thought that being healthy was something natural – which should be the case when following a natural path. But living in a big city so disconnected from nature, exposed to polluted environments, eating foods depleted from minerals which are loaded with pesticides is not what nature intended for us.

Soon after leaving my family home I found myself exposed to an un-natural and polluted world. With not much easy access to natural foods, constantly eating sugary processed foods – to tell you the truth I was quickly lead to believe that if everyone else was following that way of life; eating fried foods, using microwaves, having processed chemical based foods and they were still “walking and living” then maybe isn’t that bad to live that way? That is was normal?

Reading my body

As a child I was encouraged to observe and use the subtle signs of my body as my main thermostat to understand my health; the colour and wrinkles of the skin in my face, signs under my eyes, in the whites of the eyes. The levels of energy and vitality felt in the mornings, the quality of nails and hair. And interestingly, what I started noticing in my self after living in an un-natural manner for a few months was that the whites of my eyes were starting to look yellow, my skin was quickly showing more wrinkles, my hair was even falling out. I was waking up in the morning tired, drained, I felt depressed and, was very uncertain about everything. I was only 18!
I began to feel that perhaps my destiny was to be unhealthy, I didn’t remember with clarity anymore all the things learned as a child and what the word “health” really meant. I observed my signs but didn’t have the will to understand more. I was going out, smoking, drinking and letting that ‘other’ side take me over. But really I didn’t think that living in this way could have more effect than just bring a little bit of fun…

But nothing could be more far from the truth. I was escaping from being fully in charge, and avoiding taking full responsibility of my fears and concerns. I was simply living the false belief that we are meant to “have fun” and if it was the case at what price?

Understanding the sacredness 

It was after developing severe outbreaks of panic attacks and deep levels of anxiety when I started to reconsider where I was going and, what was really important. It all reached to a point where I couldn’t walk comfortably in public spaces without feeling completely overwhelmed by the devastating feeling of losing control. I was totally overtaken by deep states of fear and stress every time I was exposed to an open public space, such as supermarkets, trains, restaurants. Now I was even replicating this state just by being in my house on my own. What was happening? I couldn’t understand how this could happen to me…

And then after experiencing a very shocking outbreak one night I suddenly remembered everything; “Every symptom in your body has a code, a meaning. Your body is a perfect machine that express itself with a non-verbal language, it express itself with symptoms”

“Whenever you become silent, present and listen to your body you will understand its sacredness”

Everything started to make sense – I was running from myself and didn’t have any space for feeling where I was going, instead I was just living on ‘autopilot”, and acting with not meaning or purpose whatsoever. And of course my body was manifesting through each and every cell the deep discomfort cause by my actions. This was my understanding and I was determined to make a change.

Transforming the subtle energies

A decision was made and I started to take responsibility for every action in my life, I wanted to know what I was doing and how different things would affect me…

First thing I was committed to was to change my daily routine, so I started to practice every morning a little bit of yoga. And, by adding a few simple exercises before my breakfast I felt a huge difference in how I was feeling; much more energy, with a feeling of calmness, and was more focused and present.  

I also researched how the electro magnetic fields in our environment coming from cell phones, computers, antennas was affecting the fractal energies and natural rhythms of the body, so I decided to reduce considerably the use of those in my life and started to go more often for walks in nature…

I wanted to shine, to feel great, so the more I wanted that feeling the more action I would take. I also started doing colon irrigations – a practice used from ancient times to clean our colon from toxins and impurities – and also added into my routine fresh juices, raw foods, whole foods, super foods, and herbs. I continued challenging my old habits by adding new ones and naturally I stopped smoking and drinking. I noticed also that I attracted into my life people who inspired me to carry on in this journey and I daily reminded myself where I was going by putting signs all over my room…

Soon enough I start noticing a big difference in my skin, my hair stop falling out and it had just been a few weeks of discipline! The yellowish colour of my eyes started to become white again, my wrinkles start disappearing and my hair stop falling completely and just few months later the panic attacks were completely gone!

I was transformed and amazed forever by the body’s capacity of regenerating itself and since then I was determined to live a life connected to my body. Today has been already many years and I have never ever looked back.