The Deadly drug in your kitchen

This substance is the world’s most popular drug, slowly but surely stealing the health and peace of mind of those who fall under its power. Users are drawn to it for the short-term pleasure hit and ‘high’ it brings. When a crashing low inevitably follows, they typically reach straight for another fix.

Many addicts are so in its thrall that they consume this drug every few hours. But, as is the very nature of addiction, most are in complete denial about the hold it has over them – this despite the fact that if they were to go without it for even a single day they would be suffering classic withdrawal symptoms including headaches, extreme irritability, mood swings, and in some cases even angry outbursts and panic attacks.

Research has established that this drug has many negative effects on the brain and it has even been linked with criminal behaviour in several scientific studies. However, I am not talking about an illegal drug here. I am talking about refined sugar.

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