DOES YOUR HEART ACHE? – Elwin Robinson

Incredibly, of all the ways that someone could die, half of the population the western world die of heart disease. This means on average that there’s a 50% chance that YOU will die of some form of heart disease. Yet we rarely consider the health of the heart until we get older, normally when we get to our fifties and sixties. Why is this?

It may be because we just don’t notice problems with our heart until we get older. Or do we?

When someone dies of a heart attack not long after a lifelong partner dies, we often say that they died of a ‘broken heart’.

When you get your heart (metaphorically) broken, it can feel so painful that suicide or, in the case of someone leaving you for someone else, murder, feel like viable options. I saw a statistic recently that around 65% of murders are commited over ‘affairs of the heart,’ not by cold blooded killers as we’re led to believe we should be afraid. The fact is, you’re statistically far more likely to be murdered by the people closest to you than anyone else.

Of course, in reality, you’re not likely to be murdered at all. Neither are you likely to commit suicide. Or are you?

What would you call it when a person does something that they know will ultimately kill them, but they do it anyway. I’m not talking about all the stuff that we aren’t aware of that’s harming us and our environment, just the stuff we know full well is killing us. What about people who smoke, alcoholics, drug addicts, overweight people who eat greasy fried food, diabetics eating sweets, to name but a few obvious examples.

Isn’t this really a form of slow suicide? What percentage of the population would you estimate is engaged in this deliberately self destructive behaviour? Read more