Kate’s Magic Bubble: the exclusive recipe for a brighter day – by Jessica Seletti

Kate’s Magic Bubble is like no other raw vegan website, and it isn’t just the super exclusive content that makes it so special. It is Kate’s uplifting and colourful presence that gives the Magic Bubble such positive energy.

Kate Magic is one of the most influential and creative raw vegan authors in the UK and has been raw vegan for nearly two decades, which means only one thing: you couldn’t be in better hands. Her articles are extremely insightful and motivational, you will love her positive approach to life and how humble and down to earth she is. She explores life with an open heart, and her honest words offer you  new insights to relationships, personal development and nutrition. Start reading about B12, Rampant Egotism and many other topics here.

As being raw vegan is a lifestyle more than just an eating regime, Kate has included videos of classes she has taught around the world,  interviews with raw chefs and authors, mouth watering recipes (baobab brownies anyone?) and a Q&A section to help you find an answer to the questions that might be holding you back. 

“It’s a journey, we all have our ups and downs, we are all peeling back the skins to find our true essential divine self at the core. We find answers, we feel great, another issue arises, we don’t feel so great. It’s the infinite staircase.” – Kate

Become a member for only £5 per week, £10 per month, or £95 per year. When you sign-up you are instantly entitled to a 10% discount at Raw Living (ideal if you are in UK or Europe), and a 12% discount at The Raw Food World (easier if you are in the US).

I wish you a wonderful journey.