What do your eyes tell you? Naturopathic Iridology with Susan Laing M.Ir N.H.F.Dip

Naturopathic Iridology with Susan Laing M.Ir  N.H.F.Dip

Modern iridology involves not only the study of the iris , but also more importantly the study of the cells around the pupil and more. These cells around the pupil border, is what intrigued me to study further in this exciting diagnostic health field. I felt that these cells referred to as the Inner Pupillary Border were the real secret to holding the information to your health. And it is now accepted on a medical basis in many countries that these cells are indeed 100% diagnostic when looking into somebody’s health. It is like unlocking the secrets to your health.

Whenever I look into someone’s eyes using the most advanced bit of Iridology equipment the EyePix10 Pro Digital Iriscope (there are only a few in the whole of the UK!) I find myself becoming quite excited and intrigued at the same time. It is quite a privilege to be allowed to look into a person’s very core being. You have heard of the saying the eyes are the windows to the soul.…well this true! The eyes not only convey the physiological aspect and health problem tendencies but also the emotional or spiritual dynamics too. Quite an eye opener!

So when an Iridologist is looking into the frontal aspect of the eyes it is the not the area beyond or behind the pupil but the coloured area, the Iris. It is not surprising that the beautiful coloured Iris structure is called just that, after the ancient Greek goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. I like to think that the iris is like the messenger of the body if we can see it in such depth due to great magnification with the Iriscope ~ up to 80 x magnification . This piece of equipment is the Rolls Royce of Iridology equipment. The detail that is conveyed is quite amazing. And most people have never seen such images of eyes in such detail. If you would like to see such images just go onto the Iris gallery on my website mentioned below. When I give talks using power point with enlarged and magnified images, people tend to be quite in awe of it all .

“ one of the most wonderful things in nature is a glance of the eye, because it transcends speech, our eyes are the bodily symbol of our identity” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

An Iridologist with this type of advanced bit of equipment is also able to look at the other facets of the frontal aspect of the eye . I have already mentioned the cells around the inside of the pupil. These IPB cells are an extension of the same tissue as the brain & spinal cord. It is the only visible aspect of the central nervous system, a cellular structure of the retina. This means we have access to the information about a person’s central nervous system. These inner pupillary border cells ~IPB ~ come in different shapes and sizes, and with bits missing or gaps and so forth . All telling a story about the individual. Quite intriguing to say the least!? Maybe even quite mystical? There is so much we do not yet know about the human body and we are always learning from both a Western Scientific point of view and an Esoteric one. These cells can convey the core of information about a persons genetic health tendencies.

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