Gardasil victim from Brisbane, Australia

By Cal Crilly

This is a Brisbane girl’s story.


By Jenny from Australia


“At 12 years old, my beautiful daughter Jemma was a happy, bright, fun-loving girl filled with energy. She was always on the go, never content to just sit around the house. Jemma was continuously asking to go to a friend’s place for a sleep-over or arranging to be entertained by other activities.


Jemma’s first love was dancing. From the moment she entered her first dance class at 5 years old, she exhibited a natural flexibility and skill. She thrived on doing the splits and bridges and thoroughly enjoyed making dance video clips with her friends.


Shortly before entering secondary school Jemma became interested in horseback riding and thoroughly enjoyed her lessons. We had no idea how drastically our lives would change because of one simple decision we were about to make.


When Jemma began secondary school, a letter was sent home to vaccinate her with the HPV vaccine to protect her against cervical cancer. I decided not to have the injection done at school; that we would go to our doctor’s surgery to have it done.”


“When my daughter had the first shot she complained of a sore heavy arm. I didn’t think much of it. I just thought it’s most likely like all the other vaccines she has had and it is a normal reaction.


Our nightmare began after her second injection which was given on Thursday 24th April 2014. Three days later, on Sunday at lunchtime, Jemma complained of brain fog and a sudden bad headache. I gave her painkillers and it didn’t relieve her headache. I thought that was quite unusual as she never experienced anything like this before.



The next day she still had the headache along with extreme fatigue. For the first time I wondered whether the vaccine had anything to do with her new symptoms. I made an appointment with my doctor, who confirmed she had a reaction to the vaccine. He said that her headache would go away in 2 weeks and referred us to a chiropractor.


I went back to my GP after 2 weeks to say her headaches were still there so he referred me to a paediatrician.


The paediatrician said he “had never seen anyone like this before,” ran some blood tests and referred us to the Royal Children’s Hospital. I had already been in contact with them and they weren’t much help.”


“Things went from bad to worse. Jemma’s symptoms got more intense. She started to experience extreme head pressure – so bad, she thought her head was going to explode. Jemma would say to me 20 times a day my head is sore and hold her head with her arms. She was now sensitive to noise and light. Her eyes were extremely sore and she found it hard to keep them open. She endured a rapid heartbeat, 20-second silent seizures began on and off for 2 months, tingling and numbness in her legs, bottom and feet, ears ringing, extreme abdominal pain & vomiting for the next 2 months on. She could only sleep upright on the couch as laying down she would endure tremendous pain in her abdomen. She experienced extreme fatigue.”


“In July 2014, Jemma started dropping items then her hips started hurting and then her legs started collapsing underneath her – she could barely walk. This was so frightening to watch and went on for three weeks. We got crutches to help her get around.  She regained her walking ability again but was very limited. We did many visits to have reflexology and foot spas as this helped”


You’ll find around 150 stories here, tip of the iceberg, these are living girls, there are lots of dead ones too who died within hours or days of getting the vaccine.


The side effects were so bad and obvious in Japan that Gardasil had government funding removed.


Side effects in young girls take Gardasil out from Japanese market



This happened because girls paralysed by the Gardasil vaccine held a press conference and a large group of 2000 victims demanded it had to go.


Victims hit cervical cancer vaccines 
Paralyzed teens, parents demand subsidized shots be eradicated


That was in 2013, that Brisbane girl could have been told before it happened to her.


The Gardasil vaccine has also been causing ovarian failure in teenagers, the extent of the problem may not become clear until the present generation of kids getting the vaccine try to have babies, this is a case study of 3 teenagers from NSW, thank god for honest country doctors who notice these things.



“Three young women who developed premature ovarian insufficiency following quadrivalent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination presented to a general practitioner in rural New South Wales, Australia. The unrelated girls were aged 16, 16, and 18 years at diagnosis.


Each had received HPV vaccinations prior to the onset of ovarian decline. Vaccinations had been administered in different regions of the state of New South Wales and the 3 girls lived in different towns in that state.


Each had been prescribed the oral contraceptive pill to treat menstrual cycle abnormalities prior to investigation and diagnosis. Vaccine research does not present an ovary histology report of tested rats but does present a testicular histology report. Enduring ovarian capacity and duration of function following vaccination is unresearched in preclinical studies, clinical and postlicensure studies.


Postmarketing surveillance does not accurately represent diagnoses in adverse event notifications and can neither represent unnotified cases nor compare incident statistics with vaccine course administration rates.


The potential significance of a case series of adolescents with idiopathic premature ovarian insufficiency following HPV vaccination presenting to a general practice warrants further research.

toronto star gardisil1

Preservation of reproductive health is a primary concern in the recipient target group. Since this group includes all prepubertal and pubertal young women, demonstration of ongoing, uncompromised safety for the ovary is urgently required. This matter needs to be resolved for the purposes of population health and public vaccine confidence.”

Adolescent Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Following Human Papillomavirus Vaccination

A Case Series Seen in General Practice



I know a lot about cervical cancer because my ex-mother in law died from cervical cancer 10 years ago and she got cervical cancer because she had been on HRT for 5 years, HRT and the pill also cause breast cancer so people should only be on them for a year and not much more in my opinion.


The Papilloma virus that is supposed to cause cervical cancer is not the cause, it is not an infection either, if any nerds want to read more genetic analysis in the last couple of years has shown we are crawling with viruses including polio viruses just so people know.


“When examining the repartition of viruses according to their distribution in the human body one can note that DNA viruses of Herpesviridae, Papillomaviridae, Polyomaviridae and Anelloviridae families are present both in the respiratory tract, the gut, the skin, the blood and the genito-urinary tract.”


Describing the Silent Human Virome with an Emphasis on Giant Viruses



The real risk factors for getting cervical cancer are growth factors like the pill and HRT but anyone who drinks too much, smokes too much and depletes their body of Folate, B12, B6 and vitamin A is at risk for the cervical dysplasia that creates cancer growth.



Also abrasive and repeated sex will cause keratin formation plus lesions and this is where the HPV or wart virus appears, I have no doubt that guys with warts all over their penises will be able to pass the problem on as well and vice versa girls with active HPV will pass on their own wart viruses because they have more at the time.


People need to remember though that we have these viruses at birth and lifestyle changes are the main causes for actually getting cervical cancer.


If a woman gets pap smear signs of cervical dysplasia it is easy to intervene, tell them to get off the pill or HRT, stop drinking, smoking and eat a diet with more veggies which have Folate, vitamin A, and they may need B12 if vegetarian or B6 as most women are often low on B6.


We already have the means to stop cervical cancer and one of the top Israeli gynecologists already stated a couple of years ago that he was still finding cervical cancer in women who had the vaccine and got into a lot of strife for saying the vaccine does not work.


I would also be worried about laptop use and mobile phone use in the groin area, I see teen girls everywhere using these microwave devices and they are now bringing them into schools for use in grade 3 kids, it truly is a disaster waiting to happen.

The solution is plug your computer in with a lead and stop using these devices in the groin area, give your kids books to read.


You will never hear about any of this in Australia because Rupert Murdoch runs the entire news and his son James Murdoch worked for Glaxo who make the measles and chickenpox vaccine


“Prime Minister Tony Abbott recently announced that “the choice made by families not to immunise their children is not supported by public policy or medical research nor should such action be supported by taxpayers in the form of childcare payments.”

The prime minister’s decision to strip welfare payments from parents who do not want to vaccinate their children may or may not have something to do with his friend Rupert Murdoch and his family’s strong connection with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline”


James Murdoch’s arrangements haunt vaccination laws


We are now injecting teenage boys with this, it’s only a matter of time till a top football lad from an expensive school goes down.


We never listen to teen girls because we think they are making it up.