50,000 tweets about stress are posted every day – with 18% of them health related

50,000 tweets per day: How the Twitter generation express their stress online

50,000 tweets on stress are posted on Twitter every day – that’s one every two seconds
Family, friends and partners the most tweeted-about stress factors, prompting a post every 7 seconds
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Fifty thousand tweets relating to stress are posted on Twitter every day – with people tweeting about stress every two seconds, research released today can reveal.

The most frequently tweeted stress factors are family, friends and partners. Making up 23% of all stress-related tweets, anxieties caused by these relationships are tweeted about every 7 seconds.

Family is the single biggest cause of stress, prompting 160 tweets an hour and accounting for 13% of all stress-related Twitter activity. Romantic relationships are responsible for 8%, with friendships contributing 2% of stress on Twitter.

Sons are by far the biggest cause of family-related stress, provoking 30 times more stressed-out tweets than daughters. Children are tweeted about more often than parents, while mums feature in three times as many tweets about stress as dads.

Health is another major cause of online stress, with concerns about general wellbeing, healthy eating and fitness making-up 18% of all stress-related tweets. Body image and sleep are the most tweeted-about health worries, responsible for over 3,000 tweets per day. Eating is a bigger source of stress for Twitter users than smoking, drinking and drugs combined.

Work also features prominently: 17% of all tweets about stress are work-related. Career anxieties account for 7% – twice as many as money worries – with stress in the workplace prompting 6%. School work and further education are the cause for 4% of stress-related Twitter activity.

These figures coincide with National Stress Awareness Day (4th November), which aims to encourage people to monitor their own stress levels and take steps to keep stress at bay. 11.3 million working days in Britain were lost due to stress, depression and anxiety last year.