How I Became A Whistleblower

My mum was a nurse; both parents wanted me to be a nurse so despite also being told I could be anything I wanted to be, so I became a nurse. I began while still at school with work experience as an assistant at the local hospital. I had become a vegetarian (and eventual vegan) at aged 10 but somehow had always seen alternative medicine as ‘witchcraft’ – something that would haunt me decades later as ironically, I was lampooned as a witch by various church members and doctors alike; the latter usually during hospital visits where I would be invited to come and help with a patient (funny that even doctors who ask for your help turn on you when your efforts rouse the patient out of that coma or off psychotropic drugs…)


Life Long Illnesses Gone After Holistic Help

During my official training and afterwards, I began to question – a lot. My friend worked for a naturopath and after doctors could not find out the cause of my own worsening health, I tentatively sought other advice. In 10 minutes, without examination or a single invasive test, she advised me what to eat, what to take and what to do. Within a month I had turned lifelong issues around. I’d always been a sickly kid – meningitis, kidney stones, depression, major endocrine issues, ENT problems, always in and out of hospital – 10 major operations by the age of 16. That became a thing of the past. The medications I was taking just to get to work and through a day, were now out the door never to return.

Questioning The Industry Brought Me Trouble

I began to question doctors – vocally. I was shocked at how many nurses used alternative medicine, how little they thought of the doctors we worked alongside. I also questioned the motives and manner in how we were taught to bully parents into agreeing to certain procedures or treatments for their kids. I questioned why the same kids would be rushed in like clockwork with seizures, respiratory arrests or neurological decline with each vaccination. What was increasingly obvious to me, seemed to be invisible to most of the people around me. As more and more of us became ‘alternative’ we were shunned as traitors. I repeatedly received reprimands, “If Nurse Langford wants to wear a white coat she should do the appropriate study course or learn to know her place.”

I’m Going To Save A Life

My training was something that is now obsolete – we were trained on the job, with schooling in between. We became orientation leaders for university-trained peers who could recite a manual back to front but could not be relied on in an emergency and refused to get their hands dirty. In fact one memorable day, in the wake of a multiple vehicle incident, I was prepping the special rooms for them to be wheeled in from ER; the student I had tagging along was picking everything I did to pieces, reminding me what the nurse’s manual said. I stopped and calmly said, “I have set up two units while you have tagged along hounding me about with your OCD tendencies. Kudos – you know your manual better than me. Now, go back to the treatment room, lay out your shiny trays and make sure they are all in line, all gleaming and exactly like the diagrams. In the meantime I am going to save a life or two, if that is okay with you.”


My Training Allowed Me To Be Multi-Faceted

No matter my eventual pathway, my initial training allowed me to be multi faceted and have a profound understanding and for that I am grateful. It was old school – and totally absent from medicine as we know it today. The transformation from old boys’ back slapping clubs that took over traditional medicines and moulded it into a rigid blinkered unit, unable to see the body as a whole, is complete.

Nursing Training Decades Ago Far Different To Today

While most nursing training today focuses on one aspect (common for a nurse to complete her training and not know how to deliver a baby or administer an IV or even suture a wound) we did the lot. In my just less than 10 years in and out of medicine, I worked in as many fields as one could imagine. And being naturally curious I was the one who got to scrub more in theatre, who got to drive the ambulance, do house calls, administer treatments that only doctors were supposed to. And for the most part I miss it. I just don’t miss being in the control of a system that has no heart and no common sense.


First Whistleblowing Incident – Racism In Hospital

My first whistleblowing incident came in a personal format. My brother had lost his leg and a nurse on duty at the time came to me, advising that the doctor on call that night had been drunk and it had taken too long to get a replacement. I had seen this doctor at work before and had witnessed an Indigenous patient die through his negligence simply because he saw her as less worthy of his care than the Caucasian (non emergency) case in the next bed. That poor nurse lost his job over his involvement. I left the hospital and as usual, the profession closed around its own and no one was liable.

Second Whistleblowing Incident

In that time, I was involved in surgical, theatre, CSSD (sterilisation unit), psychiatric, aged care, Silver Chain, Pathology and phlebotomy, pædiatrics, burns unit, oncology, head trauma, maternity, general and ambulance duties. As a remote area nurse, imagine a 4WD ambulance bouncing out in outback WA to pick up the most varied cases you could imagine. And our little hospital had it all – we took care of everything from consultations, the occasional birth, surgical procedures, emergency work, pædiatrics, pathology and phlebotomy – and it was here that my second whistleblowing incident occurred.


Doctor Prescribing Unapproved Drugs To Use On Aboriginal Patients

One of the other nurses, who like me was also studying alternative medicine by then, called me into the dispensary, which doubled as pathology. The doctor had a stash of unapproved drugs that he was ‘prescribing’ for Indigenous patients. It was also commonplace for nurses to ‘get rid of’ vaccine supplies by offering them to anyone around, until all gone – at his request.

Parents Told: Babies Will Die If I Don’t Give Them This Medicine

This doctor would tell parents their babies would die if he didn’t give them the medicine. One night during a flood emergency, where dozens of patients lay in beds, on the floor – anywhere we could fit them. A 3 month old baby came in, flat and dehydrated. He insisted on a lumbar puncture and a trial medication even though there was no need for anything other than IV fluids.

He insisted – the trauma the lumbar puncture and ‘treatment’ caused on an already dehydrated baby was obvious and it took some effort to keep her alive. I called him a butcher to his face – the fluid extracted was clear – there was no meningitis (of course there wasn’t, as there were no symptoms of meningitis). He reported me, so I reported him.

For Questioning  – I Lost My Job – Doctor Remained To Practice Medicine

I was struck off. He remains a ‘leading light’ in Indigenous medicine. And the unapproved drugs? All approved on the quiet, thanks to his glowing ‘studies’… How dare I question the almighty god-doctor, right? Seeing him push enough drugs to kill a horse onto an immune compromised individual just because he could, I don’t know how anyone could keep silent.

Won Case – Registration Reinstated

I argued my case and my registration was later reinstated. But that was just me, trying to prove a point. I had no intention of going back to nursing. I applied for medical school and got through. But was told in no uncertain terms that if I had ideas of trying to change the culture I was in for a surprise. So at the 11th hour, I returned to my natural therapy studies.

I had seen the most amazing healings take place as a remote area nurse, where I often smuggled patients out in the night to protect them from the butcher. The bush medicines were being eroded – deliberately and unknowingly by various parties. I wanted to know more. I wanted to know every traditional medicine.


How I Became Qualified In Herbal Medicine

All the years I had pleaded with doctors when they had said there was no hope, to find hope elsewhere, now it was my turn to prove them wrong. I travelled to the UK where I began studying herbal medicine. I was swept away with what I was seeing and who I met. I kept meeting homœopaths and was torn between thinking it was rubbish, and how sincere, sure and dedicated they were in general.

I was even talked into trying some instead of my usual herbs for a case of sinusitis/hay fever (oh joy) that no medication could shift. I actually took the drops back demanding a refund – as in how dare they advise me to take Arsenic? Once that embarrassing and ignorant situation was out of the way, off I went with the bottle, took just 2 doses and was cured for good. Hmm, a kid that was treated for sinus/endocrine issues from birth, cured?

Herbal medicine had piqued a huge interest so I moved onto organic farming and gardening to understand just how to grow what I was using. That included everything from soil science to permaculture to biodynamic farming (which I later found out, was my granddad’s greatest hobby, long before it was popular).



But I wanted more. I didn’t want to be ‘just’ a naturopath – I wanted to know everything. So rather than doing a standard naturopathic course I next moved into homœopathy. It took me 3 months to get past the first chapter of my course. I just could not equate all that I had known and loved, with the polar opposite. It just didn’t make sense. I would plead with the Dean and he would be patient. He advised that I just start collecting remedies, making remedies and testing them.

After all, there is no way they could cause harm so why not? And a whole new world opened. Family issues, pets, friends, all became willing and unwilling guineapigs. The thing that amazed me the most were the ‘difficult’ issues, the health problems people had never been able to rid themselves of despite even specialist and surgical intervention – all corrected with just a few doses of the correctly chosen remedy.

Homeopathy College Collaborated With Medical Sector – Then closed Down

When I finished my final exam, I discovered that not only had the Dean of the college died but the college had sold out. Gone broke. I should have known as it was sending out alarms by collaborating with the medical sector – always dangerous. And it was gone – including records. So after sending me a certificate instead of an advanced diploma in their final days, I had no way of finding my records, results, nothing.

I had also studied smaller courses such as colour therapy, reflexology, massage, natural nutrition and iridology but had no way to prove it aside from my textbooks. But I had qualified so went to visit my friend, a GP.

My Consulting Career Began

Even though I had done consultations in the past, this was a whole new kettle of fish. What if I don’t know something? What if I don’t have a clue what they are talking about? His words held me in good stead then and they still do today. Along with a loud laugh, he replied, “Do you think I know everything? Do you trust your knowledge?  When you hang your shingle out, it’s all about bluff. They have to believe that you know everything even if you don’t. If it’s something you don’t know, you will find a way to question them further to find out. If you don’t know the treatment, give them what is safe and helpful, then find out the right treatment and ask them back to give it to them.”

Those words never failed and in fact most of the time I didn’t need to call them back because I had the knowledge and experience to pick right the first time. Even though around half of my patients were nothing more than undoing medical error and iatrogenic damage, I managed to find a way to get it right.

Doctors Can Attend A one Day Course And Receive A Degree

Interestingly, this same doctor used to laugh, when discussing my ongoing treatment by the AMA and some members of the public, that I had to study twice as many years to be considered half as good as him. He showed me his obstetrics and gynæcology degree on his wall. I asked how he had the time – he had attended a single class one day a week for a few weeks, after doing the rest by correspondence so he could continue working. He finished with, ‘And voila, a degree!’


One Week At A Conference Opened My Eyes To So Much

Then I was invited to an international medical symposium. To say I became a sponge that week is an understatement. Doctors and various traditional practitioners from all over the world – 700 of them – all willing to share their knowledge and skills. It could have gone on for a year and I would not have tired of it. I made lifelong friends there but more than that, I learned more in those 7 days than in 10 years of formal study. I was shocked at the sheer depth of health and anatomical knowledge held by Indian, Sri Lankan and Chinese doctors especially. Things simply out of the range of any western expert to explain.

I Saw Ancient Medicine Heal People Like Magic

Like the practitioner who could stop a heart long enough to be operated on – without using a single medication or even touching the patient.

Like the practitioner who inserted acupuncture needles in the spine, so that a massive facial/neck tumour could be surgically removed.


Like the practitioner able to insert just 3 acupuncture needles and anæsthetise a patient long enough for a tooth extraction. We saw it with our own eyes. The patient who’d been crushed in an industrial accident, and after being in a wheelchair for 8 years with a morphine drip post surgery to reconstruct and sever his nerves to stop the pain had failed – 3 days of treatment shared between any practitioner willing to step in; that man walked out of that hospital, upright and pain free for the first time.

Not one of these practitioners were deemed ‘qualified’ to register or work in Australia despite seeing more patients and doing more miracles alone than an entire medical team could hope to do in a lifetime together.


Hundreds Of Vaccine Injury Cases  In One Room – ‘ Just A Small Portion Of Injured Community’ Not Allowed To Speak About It

Oh yes, it was held at a hospital. We had to sign confidentiality waivers, demanded by hospital administration because there were things we were legally not able to speak about outside. Like the auditorium full of vaccine injured patients and vaccine-death bereaved parents. Bear in mind this was 1991 – and we are talking about hundreds of cases in one room. And we were told by their speaker that they were just a small portion of the vaccine injured community in Perth alone. Most had it on record that it was (either by coroner or doctor) indeed vaccine injury but were still not free to admit or discuss it publicly. Many had been awarded damages – in silent courts, free from admission of liability.

3 Major Work Opportunities Came From This One Week

I could write a book on that week alone, as I could with my time as a nurse and separately as a remote area nurse, but the summary is this – we had WHO representatives present and providing input at that symposium. Most people would not believe what was discussed or what went on. I still am in awe of what I saw. But in that week alone I was offered 3 major opportunities – to work at university hospitals in Hyderabad (India), and in Beijing, and one with the WHO as part of a roaming research unit, across what is now the EU.

Natural Health Professionals Were Once To Be Registered On Par With Doctors

Sadly, family commitments prevented me, something I have always regretted. The WHO representative advised us at the closing ceremony that natural health professionals worldwide, would be registered on par with doctors – some as specialists – by the year 2000. It’s no mystery as to why to this day, that has not happened.

Medical Industry Starts To Deny Natural Health

Upon my registration (still not recognised in Australia) I was contacted by Medicare (equivalent of the NHS) to ask if I would be willing to take part in a pilot program of integrating natural health professionals into the system. Seriously? I jumped at it. And got a LOT of opposition from not just the medical profession, but my own peers. In hindsight I could see why – a new graduate chosen before them? And as with any great opportunity in this field, I received a terse letter from Medicare advising they would not be going ahead with the plan. And to this day it has not happened still.

Chinese medicine concept. Acupuncture needles and a sign of health.

Chinese medicine concept. Acupuncture needles and a sign of health.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

I immediately began my first thesis while studying acupuncture, based on what I had seen at the symposium. As it was a ‘post grad’ course 3 years of information were condensed into a matter of months. No surprise then that only 3 out of 13 students graduated. A doctor, a podiatrist and me. Since then, I have met many graduates – doctors, an orthopædic surgeon, psychiatrists and other natural health professionals.

The course included traditional Chinese medicine and moxibustion (practiced heavily in India and Sri Lanka) – to say that course was the single most difficult course I have ever studied is an understatement.

From there, I studied cupping and actually prefer it in most cases over acupuncture, not the least because it can cover a wider range, and due the amount of needle phobia out there (no doubt just one legacy of forced vaccination as children).

My first thesis based on my experience providing acupuncture analgesia and associated therapies during hospital childbirth was rejected on the grounds that I did not want to use the research of anyone else. In the end I changed the entire pathway and chose an altogether different topic – cellulite. Laughed at by most people I discussed it with, they soon silenced when I pointed out that cellulite was merely a symptom of underlying illness and problems.

I Created My Own Homeopathic Range

Thankfully my homœopathic course included laboratory, research and development so part of my work involved the creation of contemporary medicines. Based on clinical presentations the range grew from a basic kit of 8, to one of 30 different remedies, each with hundreds of applications. These went on to be sold around Australia, with, thanks to visitors during the 2000 Olympics, interest from the US, Asia, West Indies, UK and South Africa. I simply could not get funding as usual – my first clinic opened with a $2000 credit card. No way could I raise the necessary $50,000 needed to establish export.

Had To Close Clinic – Yet People Turned Up At My Home Asking For My Remedies

For personal reasons I closed my clinic/laboratory and was only able to make enough stock up to last another year or two. No more being called into hospitals, no more miracles. Then people started turning up at my house – in the middle of the night, on Christmas Day, and calls every day for my medicines. To have to wind that down and focus on college writing and occasional lecturing was a huge life change. At least I finished my PhD thesis – only to find that the Australian govt does not recognise the university I studied through – even though hundreds of Australia’s doctors have studied there.


Started Working in Medical And Pharma Research – A Soul Destroying Job

So I did what any self-respecting health professional would do – start a job as a transcriptionist in medical and pharma research. In short, it was the most soul-destroying job I have ever had. But it gave me even more proof of the corruption that has destroyed medicine.

Chemo drugs approved without a single life saved. The sheer number of deaths thanks to chemo – that a ‘cure’ only means survival of 5 years from the day of diagnosis to the end of the period. Even if the patient is comatose, wears a colostomy bag, has no organs left, gets through a day only with the help of anti rejection drugs or dies the following day – it still is a ‘success’. Drugs fast tracked through approval. Medical kickbacks. And just how much money has been sunk – and continues to be sunk – into discrediting natural therapies and the doctors brave enough to jump ship.

Back To Natural Health Only To Find I Could Not Register

I took out a loan to set up again and discovered I cannot register. My ongoing stoushes with the AMA and TGA finally caught up with me. No company will insure me. Without insurance you cannot legally practice. Even panels and boards I have been part of for years’ hands are tied. I have been informed that I am no longer welcome to practice in Australia.

I am, however, welcome to continue college writing and was even invited by a university to teach doctors about alternative medicine. I have been approached by pharmacy chains to teach their staff about how to shift product off shelves.

I Won’t Sell My Soul

I wont sell my soul. There is so much more to tell. Today I write – I continue with my books but am yet to find a publisher for either my homœopathic study guide formulated from the Hom II course I wrote for my friend’s college, or my vegan cookbook.

Self-publication is not an option financially. I have released a few ebooks. I freelance as a ghost-writer for other health authors and groups. My most interesting job offer – which I declined – was to complete a medical student’s dissertation… And there are my facebook pages and activism.

And my blog. I plan to use my blog to create leverage to re-release the homœopathic range, which I know has the ability to change the world of medicine. Not because I am any better than anyone else, but because the time is right and along with my original plan to get it into every household to prevent symptoms worsening and even treat serious health issues clinically, it allows people to use it as their main form of medicine.

I will be publishing lots of information through, in the meantime please visit my site for a whole range of information I have written on many aspects of health.