Join The First National Wellness Day – September 9th 2015

Mr. Cameron, are you listening?

Our Proposed National Wellness Day could assist in lowering the whopping £168 billion spend on the UK’s healthcare bill

Brighton based media business owner, with a passion for health and lifestyle has decided to reduce our hefty £168 billion healthcare bill in his own unique way. Ben Butt, the man behind the idea of the National Wellness Day, believes that through encouraging behavioral change in people’s self care and wellbeing could be the root in reducing our healthcare bill. The National Wellness Day is set to launch on Sept 9th.

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The National Wellness Day is a day that has come at the perfect time to empower people to take charge of their own health says the founder of National Wellness Day, Ben Butt. He also said:

This is to be a day where the focus will be on health and wellbeing by following six simple principles. These are breathe, hydrate, light exercise, eat consciously, rest and relaxation, and sleep. The idea behind it is that by following these anyone who takes it seriously will start to feel good and naturally want to adopt new habits as a result.

As part of this awareness day there are several venues hosting nutritious Pop-up restaurants in people’s homes raising awareness about healthy eating.

By improving diet and lifestyle generally, many of the modern diseases could be prevented says Ben. The pop-up restaurants are a starting place”. Delicious life giving foods will be served, recipes will be available and all proceeds will support a local charity focused on promoting healthy living.


Follow 6 Simple Principles For One Day & Start
to experience:

A Clear & Calm Mind
High Energy
True Wellness
A Rested & Relaxed Body
A Feeling of Vitality
Peace and Tranquility

Help Us Support Worthy Causes

As part of the National Wellness Day we are hosting Pop Up Restaurants – Each of the tickets will supply the buyer with some high energy delicious food and it will also leave some money to go to a worthy cause. As you know around the UK there are a lot of homeless people. We believe that one of the roots to supporting them is ensuring they get some source of quality nutrition in their body. As we all know the work starts from the inside out – so we figure by making some steps to getting some good quality organic vegetables in each of them – will have them feeling a smidgen better for one day.

So with the money that we generate, we are asking Organic Vegetable outlets to supply us some local, seasonal vegetables that will go towards cooking some good quality food for the homeless community.

Celebrate The 9th September We Will Be Hosting Pop Up Restaurants Nationally – Choose a Location & BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW