Don’t leave home without NatraSan’s ultimate ‘Travel Buddy’

Effective protection against 99.9999% of harmful germs on the go

With summer fast approaching and holidays on the horizon, protection against harmful germs is a must. Travelling abroad may result in exposure to new types of bacteria and nuisance insect bites, while spending more time outside with friends and family can lead to an increase in cuts, grazes and unsanitary hands, especially for children.

With this in mind First Aid and natural healthcare specialist NatraSan is proud to announce the launch of its brand new travel size spray, Travel Buddy.

The new 100ml sized bottle of the revolutionary healthcare spray is perfect for families travelling abroad (as it meets airport travel size guidelines), for parents to stash away in their bags to protect them and their loved ones when out and about and for commuters to disinfect their hands, steering wheels or any other seemingly innocuous objects which may carry high levels of germs and bacteria.

The Travel Buddy is also helpful for sports and gym enthusiasts as it is the perfect size to pop in a gym bag for neutralising trainer odours, disinfecting shower cubicles and killing the bacteria that causes Athlete’s foot.

NatraSan First Aid Spray contains hypochlorous acid – a safe but incredibly effective substance – which is commonly used by healthcare institutions and hospitals around the world to kill germs in wounds as well as disinfect surfaces and equipment. NatraSan is the first ever hypochlorous product on sale to the consumer to be E.U compliant.

This handbag essential has a multitude of uses including wound disinfection, relief from minor burns, neutralising odours, helping to relieve the string from insect bites and sterilising– killing 99.9999% of germs such as MRSA, C Difficile and Norovirus and influenza.


NatraSan Travel Buddy is £7.00 for 100ml and is available at