On Creating a Life You Love & Finding the Love of Your LIfe: Julie Bennett and Natalie Lamb

Are you single and unhappy? Feeling dismayed about meeting the love of your life? Did you know there are things you can do to help you?

Please watch this wonderful interview:

An informal, open and honest conversation between Julie Bennett and therapist Natalie Lamb about a real life love story… and an inspiring preview to Natalie’s program “Creating a Life That You Love, Loving Yourself and Finding the Love of Your Life”. Natalie invited Julie to share her story how how she went from a series of failed relationships to finding her “Champion” and husband Marc in 2010 – and the personal work and inner healing that was required to get there. Through her heartfelt sharing and stories, Julie shares how it is absolutely possible to change your life and create one that you love…. and find true love along the way.

For more information on Natalie’s program, email: natalie(at)natalielamb.com

or you can connect with Natalie through her Facebook page