The Road To Health

Do you want to empower yourself and feel inspired? Are you ready to learn how to live at optimum health?
Join Brian Clement world leading nutritionist and naturopath and Mirabai Devi an international spiritual teacher and healer in an exclusive one day event on June 20th at London’s Regent University.
Don’t miss this exciting and life changing opportunity designed to help teach you a truly holistic approach to health, happiness and creating a disease free future.
Known for his pioneering work as the director of the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute and an author of more than 20 books, Brian Clement has been widely recognised for his contribution in the field of modern health care. A leading expert on living foods, optimum nutrition and holistic health. Throughout the course of the day he will share with you the culmination of more than 30 years of personal observations forming the basis for his cutting edge approach to health. You’ll also be given an insight into the Life Transformation Programme which has evolved over the last 60 years, and which provides the ultimate approach to health, natural beauty and longevity
Mirabai Devi is a world renowned spiritual teacher, healer and author. Guided at an early age into the realm of healing Mirabai dedicates her time to raising the world’s consciousness through the awakening and healing of humanity. Passionate about her work, this will be Mirabai’s first visit to the UK where she will guide you through spiritual teachings, peace making and forgiveness practices, guided meditations and heart opening exercises helping you awaken into consciousness and release feelings of powerlessness. She will also offer a divine light transmission.
Doors will open at 10:00 with a talk by Brian Clements from 10:30- 14:45 and Mirabai Devi from 15:00-16:30 with a gourmet lunch provided by London’s leading artisan restaurant Nama.

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