How A Frequency Band Cured My Chronic Insomnia

Latest research recognises that bio-resonance can play a part in changing the way the epigenetic layer of the DNA expresses itself: this is done by reinstating the energetic component of the original blueprint of the DNA and by balancing the environmental/social conditioning that surrounds it.


Just last week I wrote a blog post about insomnia, letting you know about the herbal sleep tablets I had been taking for the past month. They were really good and I have been telling people about them wherever I go.

If you had told me about 10 days ago if I thought Id ever not need to take anything I would have told you flat out – NO. I would have said ‘no, I’ve had this problem since I was young, I have taken many things for it, but its a problem I am just stuck with’ I would have also said I was very happy to at least have found some herbal sleeping pills that worked as well as they did.

I ordered some new bottles in December as I was due to run out last week. But my order did not arrive (and still hasn’t to this day) When I had only a few tablets left, I did start to worry, I was even planning a visit to my doctors to get something to tide me over until the new order of Great Nights Sleep 5 arrived. When I completely ran out, I had one nights sleep which was pretty darn bad, in fact I didnt really sleep at all. So I was very stressed that my insomnia had come back and of course was very much anticipating the arrival of the herbal pills. I felt a bit like a drug addict, waiting for my shipment to arrive. It certainly made me aware that I very much still had a problem with sleep, that I could never sleep without taking anything. I even worried ‘what if the company closes down one day’, what would I do then?

A friend of mine told me about ‘frequency bands’ from the new company Get Your Boom back which has only been around for the past few months. I had been looking into what frequency meant (its all Quantum physics stuff) and I thought it sounded intriguing. But I had no idea that it would actually change a huge part of my life.

Further research shows that many imbalances in the bio-field come from environmental factors that include toxic loading from chemicals, social conditioning, emotional attitudes and beliefs. Bio-resonance has a good track record in successfully detoxifying a whole range of chemicals including heavy metals, poisons and drugs. Different names are given to this process such as phase cancellation of a substance, frequency inversion of a substance and others, and they all respond in a similar way by using sympathetic resonance that helps the body eliminate these substances.

My band arrived on Wednesday of last week (Tuesday night was pretty poor sleep so I was very stressed Wednesday am). Whenever I have lack of decent sleep (I really need about 8 hours because I have ALOT of catching up to do over the years. I have missed out on THAT much sleep!) I’m not in the best mood. I am short tempered and just don’t feel my usual happy self. So my poor daughter cops a bit of ‘bad mummy’.  I put the band on at around 11am and by midday I felt remarkably calmer and more positive in my mood.  But I still didn’t think it would do anything to help me sleep. How could it when I have tried everything over the years – hard core sleeping pills, valium, other pharmaceutical things, anti-depressants that would have a side effect of inducing sleep, antihistamines, melatonin, 5htp, Tryptophan plus herbal liquids etc. So how could a band made of silicone help me sleep?

Well that very first night, it did, and it was a wonderful sleep. Truly restful and I woke up the next day buzzing. I was in a fantastic mood and had so much more energy to clean the house and do stuff I usually put off.  By night 3, I thought wow this is amazing, this ain’t a fluke, and by night seven (last night), knowing its STILL working and not lessening in how fast I sleep or how long I stay asleep, I am completely convinced that this band has CURED my seriously bad insomnia. I could cry. But the thing is, I feel too good to even want to cry, but inside, I do feel so much joy that I don’t have this awful problem hanging over my head. I am FREE of this FINALLY – not even in my wildest dreams would I have seen my future without needing to take anything to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. Its truly a miracle and I urge anyone with any sleep problems to take a look at this band further.

I know, it could look like its a gimmick, because it’s hard to understand the science behind it, but take it from me, someone who tries a lot of things, to find out what works  and what is good, this band DOES work.

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