The Incredible Regenerating and Longevity Supplement Hardly Anyone Knows About

UnknownHave you heard of this man, Rene Quinton and his supplement, Isotonic? Me neither, not until this week but oh my this man is a legend for some very good reasons.

He is hardly known in this country and everything on youtube (apart from the video below) is in French – this is a crime as the information needs to be widely shared.  Thank goodness my French friend and health warrior, Xavier Delamere has written this article.  I urge you to take the time to read this, understand the science behind it and to also check out  the documentary as this supplement may be one of the most important discoveries to human health.

I never knew much about seawater and the health benefits it has for humans and in particular red blood cells. Rene was a man before his time, that studied seawater and discovered many incredible health benefits.  I’m about to take a three month course of the Rene Quintons ‘Isotonic’ formula. I take one vial a day, directly into the mouth. It tastes like the purest water with a slightly salty taste. I swear I instantly felt better from it but I am very excited to see what a three month course will do for me.

Please enjoy the following article by Xavier Delamere from NaturesFoodAlive where you will also find information on how to purchase this incredible supplement.

Watch to learn more about Rene Quinton

Quinton Isotonic Marine Plasma and our Blood 

French Biologist René Quinton (1866-1925) has been recognized worldwide for his discovery of the value of seawater.

In 1906, Quinton observed that life came from the sea and sea is therefore the natural environment for human cells. He also laid down in full the different stages of evolution.

He discovered that the extra-cellular liquid of all living organisms is actually seawater. 

He revealed: “Leucocytes (white blood cells) live in blood AND can also survive in isotonic seawater.”

Isotonic seawater is seawater diluted to the same concentration as blood. 

To prove this, Quinton isolated some leucocytes and immersed them in isotonic seawater, AND the leucocytes SURVIVED! Leucocytes survive in blood and seawater. 

Quinton experimented with all kind of liquids as did many scientists years after him. In every case the leucocytes (white blood cells) did not survive in any liquid other than blood and isotonic seawater. 

His theory was therefore fully validated: Seawater is a living plasma virtually identical to the internal liquid of all living organisms. 

FURTHERMORE (this was discovered 90 years later at the University of Alicante).


Quinton Isotonic activates immunological markers

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 16.11.36

RPMI Saline solution Quinton Isotonic

PBMC: Peripheral blood mononuclear cells are a key component of our immune system.

RPMI: Roswell Park Memorial Institute is the liquid used thorough the world to preserve the human transplants and to culture human cells.

What we see here is that the Quinton Marine Plasma reinforces tremendously the immune system. 

Then a new discovery was done at the University of Alicante: The survival of the erythrocytes (red blood cells)

Survival time of the erythrocytes (red blood cells). 

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 16.11.31

We can see on the graph, that after 100 hours all the red blood cells start to die in Saline solution and in the RPMI liquid. In the Isotonic, the level is the same, they are all alive. 

The erythrocytes (red blood cells) survive in the Isotonic Marine Plasma. 


Back to 1906, after having conducted several experiments with great care, Quinton was asked to secretly treat a dying typhoid patient. This he did, by injecting him with a small quantity of diluted seawater; (his Marine Plasma) in the morning.

He then told the nurses, that he would come visit his patient later in the afternoon and left. The nurses thought Quinton must be deranged because by that time the patient would certainly be dead.

When he visited his patient in the evening, he found him sitting up in his bed eating and joking with all the nurses around him. They could not believe it. The patient recovered completely in only a few days.

Following this first success, Quinton was asked to treat another patient suffering this time from cirrhosis, complicated by erysipelas (bacterial infection). He applied the same protocol of injection with his Quinton Marine Plasma. This patient also recovered completely

The value of Quinton Marine Plasma was then fully acknowledged at the College de France. 

Princess Helen, sister of England’s King Edward VII, came to Paris to congratulate Quinton and to study with him. 

Quinton then opened 50 dispensaries in France, where mothers and children came to be treated FREE of charge.

In Paris and Lyon alone, the dispensaries administered up to 150.000 injections per year.

He is known to have saved up to 70 000 babies’ lives with his Marine Plasma!

Quinton predicted that all known elements of the periodic table would be found in seawater.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 19.39.22

This was confirmed 90 years later at the University of Alicante. 78 elements have been identified in the seawater.

The first illustration shows all the 78 elements which have been identified in Marine Plasma.

The second illustration shows the current state of our vegetables. Due to intensive exploitation and lack of knowledge the soils are depleted in minerals.

Seawater has All the known minerals we need, in the same balance as in our body! 

There is one question still: Where should we get our needed minerals from: a man-made supplement or from sea?

When someone comes and say: “Bah, the sea is polluted.”

Yes it is true, but it is not polluted everywhere and the quality of the seawater is not the same all over the map, the seawater in the Channel is NOT the same as in the Fiji Islands. Plus, the sea is polluted yes, but NOT contaminated.

A very important point is: The Quinton Marine Plasma is harvested in special pollution free spots and each batch is COLD filtered and analyzed.

“A new understanding on Sea, Minerals and Salts” by Andre Delamare ISBN 978-0-9928298-0-3 01342 458 259 – 079 51 144 122

To purchase please click here: RRP £24 for a box of 30 (lasts a month) Best to try it for 3 months but its not a supplement that is needed for long term use.

If you are thinking well why not use Saline solution, here is why its not as good as Quinton Isotonic:

Saline solution is made with fresh water to which we add salt, sometimes it is distilled water and pure sodium chloride.
Isotonic is made with sea water to which we have added fresh water (Mont Roucous) so it looks very similar exactly like parley and hemlock, and exactly like these one will nourish you and the other one will kill you.
In the saline solution we have water and sodium chloride and some bio-available minerals if they use sea salt to make it.
If you put a fish or a leucocyte in it they will die.
Dr Jacques Loeb of the University of California demonstrated that that a pure sodium chloride solution at the concentration in which the salt exists in seawater, is poisonous to marine organisms.
Well if a fish cannot live into it, imagine what this solution will do to our internal organs.
In the Isotonic we have sea water which is made of 78 bio-available minerals and other things unidentified
(Up to today, no laboratory has ever succeed to re-create seawater)
If you put a fish or a leucocyte in it they will live.
Dr Alexis Carel won the Nobel Price by keeping a heart of a chicken alive in a pot for 20 years.