Song written in Sons memory is to raise money for the Headsmart Campaign for Early Cancer Detection

All the money raise is going to HeadSmart, the campaign for earlier diagnosis of childrens’ brain tumours (the Brain Tumour Charity is behind it) & CLIC Sargent who support children with cancer & their families.

You can read a little bit about our son here   and here too 

Sadly it seems that the Dpt. of Health thinks that is is acceptable that bereaved parents should fund & deliver a child health campaign for the illness that is the biggest killer of our children in the UK – 2 whole coachloads die every year, usually after an horrendous amount of suffering. Parents do not know that your child has the same chance of developing one as of getting meningitis and they all know how to spot that.


Earlier diagnosis would save the lives of those children with non-cancerous brain tumours & greatly increase the chances of survival & quality of life with those with cancerous ones – it’s the biggest cause of preventable blindness in children for example. I’ve been asking Mums to get Headsmart symptoms cards into the schools bags of their nursery or Primary school – we’ve done at least 300,000 so far in the last 18 months & Wiltshire has just sent out 65,000 to all their school age children. They’re free at At secondary school I ask Mums to get the PSHE department to invite in the Teenage Cancer Trust to deliver their superb 1 hour cancer education/prevention talk (teens are late diagnosed for all the cancers). Or people can text SMART to 81400 & get the symptoms information on their phone.


We need it to be so that parents all know that with recurrent vomiting or recurrent headaches you should then go & check the card like they know about the rash & fever with meningitis.


I’ve asked the sec state for education to put cancer education on the revised PSHE curriculum and he’s listening.  But the Dpt of Health, having replied to me whilst my son was dying of spinal tumours & with full dementia aged 16 that they had £450 million to support earlier cancer diagnosis & were committed to improved cancer survival statistics including in brain tumours, have now admitted that they have no current plans to support any earlier cancer campaigns in children, teenagers or anyone under 50. They’re only supporting bowel, lung, prostate & breast cancer in the over 50s. Even having the sec of State for Health stand up & say that parents need to know about the HeadSmart campaign would be invaluable, everyone, please spread the word! A loved one close to you just may have their life saved by early detection!