Forgive and set your health free!

So many people see forgiveness as a bad thing because it gives kudos to what the other person has ‘done to us’ but actually by holding onto hurt we’re only hurting ourselves and the other person might be blissfuly unaware of our pain. By letting go of the anger and hatred, we set ourselves free. That can’t be a bad thing!

Understanding that our actions (wether conscious or unconscious) always come from circumstance, from conditioning, from what we know and how we know to behave can help. By understanding that the person who ‘did that to us’ was acting out of their own hurts can help immensely. We are all the product of our past – our ancestors, our past lives and the events of this life, and we all have the choice to take responsibility for what we’ve chosen to experience and change the record.

The well-known adage that like-attracts-like is so true. If we hold the dense energy of hatred and anger then in every part of life, we’ll exude that energy and attract others, and situations of the same vibration, filled with hate and anger. Plus we’ll effect our family and friends, every person we come in contact with. Who wants to live in the depths of despair? By letting go and forgiving, we lighten the load and attract lighter people and situations. Phew!

Imagine the collective healing gained by forgiving one person! Our energy is lifted, their energy is lifted because they are no longer tied energetically to your hatred and as the energies rise you both have an impact on all those around you, the links continue until the whole collective is effected by one act of forgiveness. That’s powerful!

So, how do we do it. There are so many tools available to help us to forgive. I utilise a combination of Shamanic Healing (to trace the energy back to the source of the anger or bitterness,remove the density, open the heart, bring in positive energy and to get the flow going) and Homeopathic remedies to keep that healing process going. It’s incredibly powerful and so lovely to see the changes taking place in people, their lives changing so much for the better.

As a simple exercise, imagine the person or group of people you need to forgive and each day breathe into your heart and send them love. You’ll find that in time the density will lift and you will eventually have no ill feeling toward them. If that’s too difficult then send yourself love and forgiveness, after all you’re the one who chose to experience that energy and chose to hold onto the negativity. By forgiving yourself you lighten the load and will in turn find that you no longer need to forgive them.

For a lot of people a good place to start is to forgive their parents, after all they’re human too!


A book that was recommended to me a few years or so ago when I had a ‘run-in’ with a friend and was shaken by it is The Anatomy Of Peace. It’s an easy read and is a great book with easy tools for creating a life without conflict.

Also, take a look at The Forgiveness Project where you can read inspirational stories about others who have chosen to forgive.