Nadia Sawalha urges mums to ‘Just add Mushrooms’ at meal times

The popular TV personality, accomplished cook and mum of two will be the first celebrity to don the ‘Just add Mushrooms’ chef’s hat in print and digital ads appearing across the UK and Ireland from today. The launch marks the start of a three year promotional push representing an investment of over €2.7m, with 50% of funding supplied by members of the Mushrooms Bureau and 50% coming from the EU.


Nadia has created four new recipes featuring fresh mushrooms exclusively for the Mushroom Bureau, to showcase the versatility and great value of mushrooms as an everyday ingredient in family meals. The dishes include a hearty pasta bake, a Chinese inspired noodle dish and a tasty twist on mushrooms on toast, all of which are quick and simple to make for busy mums or time-poor cooks.


As well as being an easy way of adding flavour to a wide range of meals, mushrooms also have a whole host of health benefits, with about four mushrooms (roughly 80g) counting as one of your 5 a day fruit and vegetable portions. As a natural source of vitamin B5, which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, mushrooms are perfect for those with a busy lifestyle – and are also naturally low in fat and calories.


Nadia said: “Mushrooms are a hugely underrated vegetable and one of the best ways I’ve found of sneaking healthy ingredients in to my kids’ favourite meals! They’re a cheap way to add substance and flavor to a basic pasta dish or stir-fry and, with such little preparation needed, they’re super quick to cook with too.


“I think a lot of people are put off using mushrooms because they’re not sure how to prepare and cook them properly, but I’m hoping that my simple tips and recipes will inspire more people to add mushrooms to their meals.”


Nadia will be sharing her tips in a series of mushroom masterclass videos on, where she will also be having her culinary creativity put to the test in the first ever ‘Just add Mushrooms’ omelette challenge.



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