Salt and it’s many benefits

In order to have some understanding of the importance of salt, it should be known that the etymology of the word salary is : Salt. Salary, in Rome was the soldier’s allowance for the purchase of salt.

At that time Salt was as valuable as gold –true. And true too, life without salt would cease. “Your muscles would not function, your ability to think would be impaired your memory would fail and your heart would stop beating.” Ref Pat Thomas.

Man is “heterotrophic”. This means : Man takes his food from other living forms, as opposed to the plants which are “autotrophic” meaning they take their food from non-living forms.

There are two distinct forms of minerals : Organic and inorganic.

Inorganic minerals have not gone through a plant life, thus human organisms CANNOT ABSORB them.

Organic minerals have gone through a plant life, human organisms CAN ABSORB them.

Organic mineral means coming from a living source.

Only organic minerals (alive, derived from a living matter – def in Webster dict) are assimilable, like the minerals contained in vegetables, fruits and other living foods.

The minerals have to be first digested by a plant or have had a chemical/cooking process (vinegar, heat) in order o be assimilated. Ref Adelle Davis : Let’s eat right to keep fit.

Sir Robert Mc Carrison  is his master piece book : Nutrition and National Health wrote : “Man cannot himself build up living tissue from materials which have in themselves no necessary connection with living protoplasm. This, plants do for him. Out of the earth and air, and under the influence of the sun, they transmute certain inorganic substances — mineral salts, water and carbon dioxide — into organic foodstuffs suited to his use and to the use of the animals whose produce or whose flesh he uses as food. “

“The determination of the constitution of the food is the first essential in the assessment of the efficiency or lack of efficiency of the function of nutrition; the correction of food-faults is the first essential in the restoration of this function to normal.”

Dr Pfeffer, in his many experiments, demonstrated the importance of minerals salts to the growth of plants which, unlike the animal, have the power of utilising mineral food as it exist in the ground. The plant can make its own vitamins. Man cannot.

A human being cannot take his food  “eating” the mineral directly from the ground. First the plants “digest” the minerals, then the human being eats the plant.



Minerals are the elements the body uses in order to maintain the blood at PH 7,4 to neutralize acidity/free radicals.

Sulphuric acid, phosphorus acid are generated every day by the body, and the body uses the minerals to neutralize them. Without minerals those acids kill the body. See the experiment of  Dr Alfred W. McCann consigned in his book : This Famishing World.

Dr Mc Cann fed dogs and cats or other animals with demineralised meat, these animals eat a little, then refuse to take more, and if fed on nothing else will actually die more quickly than animals not fed at all.

Activity (mental and physical) and stress create acidity in the body. A child (and even more so a teenager) creates a lot of acidity, more than an adult.


Dr Breisacher established in this neutralisation process the first role played by the thyroid in its function as a poison destroyer.


The thyroid depends for its activity upon the presence of iodine compounds abstracted from food.


The thyroid gland, which iodine affects profoundly and the food mineral are actively engaged in this work of poisons elimination.


Thus helping to rid the body of many of its enemies and defending it against the assault of disease.





The thyroid gland does not begin to develop until the third or fourth year of life. And is not fully operational until their twelfth, thirteenth, or fourteenth year. Hence the child lacks its assistance in taking care of these poisons and eliminating them from the system.


Hence it is of the prime importance for a child to have a diet rich in minerals.

Dr. Geis of Columbia University in his analysis of the mineral content of defective teeth.

“Full proof established that defective teeth or sound teeth, depend entirely upon the character of food consumed prior to and during the entire period of dentition.

A hundred eminent authorities now stand on record with these statements: “Defective teeth are symptoms of malnutrition. They indicate that something is wrong with the food supply. The normally nourished possess sound teeth”.


Some examples of the use of minerals :

Iron : Iron binds the oxygen in the red blood cell. Without iron the oxygen will not be able to enter the body. If there is not enough iron, there will be not enough oxygen, that is the law.

Phosphorus : It combines with calcium to give strength and rigidity to bones and teeth. Phosphorus acts for the growth of the skeleton and also for its maintenance.

Calcium : It combines with phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, and fluorine in the development of the bones and teeth.

Sodium: It takes up the carbonic acid, evolved through the digestion of sugars and starches, as a poisonous waste product that must be removed from the body, this acid, better known as carbon dioxide.

This carbonic gas taken up by the sodium in the blood is discharged through the lungs as carbon dioxide

Potassium : It helps to keep the tissues flexible and active while assisting the sodium to carry off the carbonic acid.

Silicon : It influences the nervous system to perform its functions normally.






In the soil and in sea water we find those two types of minerals : inorganic minerals coming from the ashes of rock and organic minerals coming from the ashes of dead plants and animals.

As Dr Rene Quinton discovered it, sea water is composed of the same elements of those composing the internal human liquid, in the same BALANCE.

Life come from the sea.

In his law of marine constance and general constance he stated :

Life tend to maintain for its high degree of operation its original conditions.

The cell tends to maintain for its high degree of operation the condition of its origin.

The conditions of origin for the cell was the sea, where the cell appeared millions years ago.

Thus the cell tend to maintain those exact same conditions for its best health.

He proved that if the cell is put back into its conditions of origin, the cell is at its optimal strength.

Hence, he demonstrated that the best environment for the cell is the sea water.

Many scientists after him demonstrate that the human cell can be kept alive in  real sea water, while they died in an artificially human made sea water.

Dr ALEXIS Carel Nobel Prize (kept alive for twenty years a chicken heart in a pot), Dr Quinton (kept alive white blood cell in sea water, while they do not survive in any artificial environment, including “man made sea water”).

The reason is as he clearly stated: Sea water contains all the known and unknown elements in the same perfect balance as when the cell was born.

He stated : “We cannot affirm that an element due to the fact it exist as a trace or even less than a trace has a second role in a dissolution.”

Thus the salt from sea does contain all those known and unknown elements in the same proportion that the internal human liquid.

This notion of perfect balance is so important that Mrs Adelle Davis wrote :

“There are three nutrients, potassium, sodium, and chlorine, which we need daily in quite large amounts…It is not enough, however, for sodium, chlorine and potassium to be adequate at all times; sodium and potassium must be in balance, each with the other. An excess of sodium, for example, causes much-needed potassium to be lost in the urine. The reverse is equally true…”

All the minerals and trace elements contained in the sea water have been DIGESTED by micro-organisms. Therefore they are fully assimilable.


Common misconception : Salt is responsible for high blood pressure.

The truth is :

If you do not take enough salt your kidneys will produce renine (an organic substance that will create a special protein which will raise the blood pressure). This is one of the reasons a diet without salt does not CURE hyper tension, (ref Satoriz mag info).


Myth  : You can get minerals from food.

Truth : Most of the “modern” food is processed and thus has lost most of its minerals


Myth  : You can get minerals from Mineral water.

Truth : Most of the minerals in mineral water are inorganic thus they are NOT ASSIMILABLE.


Table salt or refined Salt :

Table salt is artificially made or extracted, it is composed of 40% sodium and 60% chlorine and thus is acidic.

It contains few or no inorganic minerals. Such minerals are NOT assimilable and they make the kidneys work to get rid of them.

Table salt has been physically and chemically processed, then chemical additives have been added in order to facilitate the sprinkle (anti- caking agent) and to make it pure white.

White Sea Salt :

Depending on the brand, the facts are :

It has been physically and chemically processed, then chemical additives have been added in order to facilitate the sprinkle (anti- caking agent) and to make it pure white.

It has been washed with water and has therefore been “cleaned” of all the organic minerals and nutrients from the sea and if the water is polluted. The salt will store some of the pollutants and keep a memory of all the

pollutants : ref Loic Le Ribault. (for his work on sand and minerals keeping a record of all the previous environments and pollutants.).

It contains little quantities of organic minerals and trace elements.

Rock SALTS (Salts from a mine)

The minerals contained in a Rock Salt (salt from a mine) come from a dead sea.

The sea at first was a living element and the minerals contained in it were organic. Then the sea dried out and became a dead sea. Then with the move of earth, that sea was buried and became a mine.

All those original organic minerals from that mine with the time, which is counted in millions years in the case of a salt mine, became inorganic and therefore are NOT assimilable by the body.

They lie in deposit in weakened or injured parts of the body, to later give side effects. The kidneys have to get rid of them. Ref John Christopher worldwide known herbalist.


Himalyan Salt :

This rock salt comes from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan ; it is the second largest mine in the world, situated 300 Km South of the Himalaya Mountains.

It is composed of 95–96% sodium chloride and a small amount of minerals -The pink color comes from iron oxide.

The process used to extract the salt is mechanical (pneumatic drills and heavy backhoe loader or explosives). Then it has to be cleaned either by water (the salt will absorb the pollutant which are in the water) or by chemical means ; in both cases it can introduce important pollutants.

Very little is known exactly about the production processes, it is known however that the water in Khewra has been polluted by local activities in the mine (ref : United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific).

These mines are a very important tourist destination ; 40 000 to 250 000  tourists visit the mines on a special train, every year.


Indian Black Salt

Indian Black salt comes from the Khewra Salt Mines and India and is a traditional salt used in traditional ayurvedic medicine. It is very rich in iron and is used to cure digestive problems and goiter (which tends to show that it contains a lot of iodine).

This salt can also be manufactured synthetically

It contains a lot of sulphur compounds which give kala namak its slight savoury taste as well as a highly distinctive smell, and an odor of rotten eggs and boiled milk.

Kala Namak is used in ayurvedic medicine and used as a digestive aid and to cure goiters.

This salt is also used to treat hysteria and for making toothpastes by combining it with other mineral and plant ingredients.


Surface Salt or Fleur de Sel :

This salt is harvested on the top of saline. It is naturally very clean and white and “pure” thus it contains none or very few minerals. Thus it is of very little interest in food.


Atlantic Grey Sea Salt :

Atlantic Sea  salt is produced in  Guerande on the Atlantic cost of France, it is a nationally preserved area and registered as World heritage since 2002.

It is obtained by sun and wind evaporation and it is neither filtered nor cleaned, thus it is free of pollutants from mechanical and chemical processes.

It is obtained with no alteration of the original content of the sea water.

The minerals and trace elements in Atlantic Salt are ORGANIC.

This salt is grey and is full of organic minerals and trace elements (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, sulphur and zinc, and such as plankton, algae, iodine and other nutritive elements).

All these organic minerals are fully ASSIMILABLE by the organism.

All these organic minerals are the basic food for the cell and the glandular system.

Atlantic Grey salt contains natural iodine and this is the basic food for the thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland plays an important function of detoxifying the organism.

The thyroid gland controls the growth of the body and builds the central nervous system. This is very important for CHILDREN.

 Extracts from the book Natures food alive by Andre (Xavier) Delamare.