Incredible Edibles – The Festive Foliage You Can Eat!

Our edible collection is a ‘world first’ from the most innovative garden in the UK. All of the range – from garlands and bouquets to garden trugs, wreaths and table decorations – feature only English chillies and aromatic herbs sourced from the Cornish estate or local growers with attention to sustainability and the lowest flower miles possible. Visually stunning and fragrantly refreshing, they can be incorporated into any meal.


The perfect Christmas gift for the keen cook or gardener who has everything, the range includes sage, bay, red chillies, rosemary and our unique spicy pepperleaf. If you haven’t eaten the ingredients while they’re fresh, why not dry it and pick bits off in the kitchen as you need them. A wonderful centrepiece for Christmas dinner parties that the chef can then boast is in the dinner!


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