Wow! These products are just exquisite!! As a massive vanilla fan (more like slightly obsessed!) I am always looking for Vanilla that is the real deal.  Taylor & Colledge’s range is simply amazing! The amount of different vanilla items they have is so extensive and they will help make anyone produce lots of delicious things! I even add some vanilla pods to my swede and potato soup I make!  The quality is second to none and I love that some of the products are organic and fair trade too! I’ve never seen better vanilla pods than what this range makes. They are plump and healthy looking unlike all the others I have seen which are a bit dry and wrinkly! The Vanilla grinder is pure genius! I can’t wait for the Vanilla syrup to be launched! Oh and I love them also because they are an Australian company!

Anna Rodgers Miss Eco Glam

The company has just launched the UK’s first Pure Vanilla Bean Grinder in Waitrose, where it joins the four other quality Vanilla products that currently make up Taylor & Colledge’s UK range.

The revolutionary Vanilla Bean Grinder is adjustable, supports either a coarse or fine grind, and contains approximately three whole pure vanilla beans. It is perfect for adding a hint of the finest Vanilla to savoury and sweet dishes, baked treats and drinks, and – like all of the other products in the Taylor & Colledge range – is available now in Waitrose (RSP: £5.99, 12g).

“Our innovative, Vanilla Bean Grinder is the first home baking ingredient and Vanilla condiment of its kind,” says Taylor & Colledge MD Sam Himstedt, a member of the family that owns Taylor & Colledge.

“We have been sourcing the finest Vanilla from around the globe for more than 100 years and our new grinder is the latest in a long line of Vanilla innovation that we have introduced to the world in that time.

“Amazingly for such a high quality range of ingredients, we have always been able to ensure we are extremely competitive, while at the same time remaining true to our long-held commitment to ethical sourcing, fair trade and sustainable packaging.”

The new Taylor & Colledge Organic Vanilla Bean Grinder joins Taylor & Colledge’s other fine vanilla products in Waitrose, including its Vanilla Bean Paste (RSP: £4.19, 65g jar);  Vanilla Bean Extract (RSP: £3.69, 100ml bottle), Vanilla Bean Dusting Sugar (£2.99, 100g shaker); and Organic Vanilla Bean Pods (£3.89, 10g tube).

Meanwhile, Taylor & Colledge is also celebrating after winning a Gold Star in the prestigious annual Great Taste Awards for its yet to be launched Premium Vanilla Bean Syrup offering, due to debut in the UK later this Autumn. Infused with a whole organic vanilla bean, the beautiful syrup adds intense vanilla flavour to a whole range of drinks and recipes.

Awarding Taylor & Colledge’s Vanilla Syrup a Gold Star, the Judges commended the syrup’s “beautiful colour” and “strong aroma”. They added: “This Syrup has a lovely mouth feel, it would be great with pancakes or ice cream.”

Beautifully packaged, the syrup is also set to make an ideal gift when it hits UK shelves (RSP: £3.99, 250ml bottle).

Himstedt adds: “This is a really exciting time for Taylor & Colledge in the UK. Interest in baking and cooking with the finest, competitively priced ingredients has never been so high.

“And because we’re on sale in Waitrose and Ocado, it means that foodies and baking enthusiasts nationwide can get their hands on our unsurpassed range of quality and innovative Vanilla products.”

Taylor & Colledge’s expertise in vanilla spans more than 100 years. It is this commitment to achieving unsurpassed quality that has earned Taylor & Colledge a reputation as one of the world’s finest vanilla producers.

Our commitment to produce Vanilla ethically began long before terms like ‘fair trade’ gained popularity, and we have been putting the welfare of vanilla growers and their families at the heart of everything we do for more than a century.  This ethical commitment has been essential to the long term viability of all our Vanilla growers.

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