2 Minute Mayo

Homemade mayo should be every Paleo lovers staple ingredient! Why? Well it is enzyme rich and therefore helps your digestive system breakdown all that protein. It is also crazily high in good fats so will bump up and flat meal making it Paleo ready in seconds. Finally it tastes amazing and has no nasty hydrogenated fats or sunflower oil which you would find in any store brought version!


1 egg
240ml mild organic olive oil
juice of 1 organic lemon
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp organic mustard powder


1.     Place the egg, salt and mustard in a food mixer or a mini blender. With the motor running gently drizzle the olive oil into the mixture. You should see it thickening as it goes in.

2.     Once all the oil has been added, pour the lemon juice in and blitz one last time.

3.     Voila your mayo is done!

4.     Store in a freshly washed glass jar.


5.     Use on your salads, with meats and on veggies!