‘Laurie’s Tummy Loving Foods’ Is Launched – Great Tasting Natural Foods Which Support Excellent Digestive Health

Laurie’s ‘Tummy Loving’ Foods has kicked off with its first product, organic & raw ‘Sparkling White Cabbage’, just in time for the summer months of picnics, fresh salads and barbeques!


Simply put, ‘Sparkling White Cabbage’ is raw & organic, naturally fermented cabbage & it is now stocking throughout the UK & Ireland in health food shops such as ‘Planet Organic’, and online via Goodness Direct (www.goodnessdirect.co.uk) at an RRP of £2.89 for a 310g pack. It is a completely organic product & is certified by the British Soil Association.


Most importantly, raw, fermented vegetables help support good digestion & intestinal health as they are an excellent source of beneficial bacteria & a wealth of essential vitamins, minerals & enzymes. These foods therefore help to digest your daily food intake more effectively whilst also providing many other nutrient benefits.


Health experts such as Sally Fallon (‘Nourishing Traditions’), Dr Natasha Campbell McBride (‘Gut & Psychology Syndrome’), & Donna Gates (‘The Gut Ecology Diet’) all highly recommend them for this very reason…… but they must be raw.


​Raw means it has not been cooked or pasteurised. Heating fermented foods this way destroys most of their nutrients & health properties, whilst also altering what should be a fresh taste & crisp texture.


Laurie only uses natural, raw methods and the best organic ingredients to create the best taste and texture, & retain these essential nutrients & health properties. For this reason you only find healthy, raw fermented foods in the fridge.


‘Sparkling White Cabbage’ can be used as a side dish, condiment or simple ingredient to add a flavourful zing of taste & a fresh, crisp texture to any meal. It is great when mixed in with salads or soups, put into a sandwich or served with barbecued meats and fish.


Laurie recommends adding them regularly to your snack or mealtimes to help your digestion remain strong & healthy.




​​Laurie is a Holistic Health & Exercise Coach​& is passionate about great quality, taste-filled food as well as all things healthy & active. (See: www.wellwithinhealth.co.uk)

His experience as a Personal Trainer made him very aware of his own health & digestive issues, as well as that of his clients. He personally suffered from general digestion & energy problems which started to have a very negative effect on his life & livelihood.


​During this period he set out to find a solution to these problems. He concluded that without certain foods in our diet to help rejuvenate our digestive system, we eventually wear it down, which leads to a loss of health & vitality.

​By reintroducing certain traditional foods into our diet we can start to repair & rejuvenate our digestive system, improving our overall levels of health & vitality. ​For thousands of years, many cultures throughout the world have understood this, enjoying the health benefits, great tastes & textures which certain traditional foods provide.

​​Laurie began to make some of these foods at home for his own benefit & from there he created ‘Laurie’s Tummy Loving Foods’. 

Vibrant levels of health & vitality are a direct result of the ability to effectively digest food. Therefore his aim is now to provide natural foods which not only taste great but also support good digestion & intestinal health.