Alchemy Cafe in Bali Indonesia

On my last trip to Ubud, Bali I discovered Alchemy Cafe, a 100% raw vegan organic cafe and holistic clinic, founded in 2011 by some conscious, creative minds that coincidentally met and shared the same passions – a sustainable lifestyle, community awareness and healthy living. 

We had the opportunity to interview Elena, the inspirational creative director behind Alchemy Cafe,  and learn how her fast paced way of life changed when she visited Bali a couple of years ago and discovered her call for spirituality and healthy living, and just a few synchronistic events later Alchemy was opened!

With a high vibe lifestyle that has you feeling at home in no time, Alchemy Cafe quickly became known as a place of heart-based community-gathering and health transformation. They serve hundreds of healthy juices and salads every week and offer a space for inspiration and joy for Ubud’s visitors and residents. 

At Alchemy Cafe you will be amazed by their fresh selection of juices, healthy raw chocolates, cakes, colourful salads and longevity elixirs and of course by the vibrant colourful atmosphere at the cafe. We went almost daily to drink the magic potions from their extensive menu; from Fennel Love, Happy Belly and Insane Juices to Reishi drinks and Cocobiotics (fermented coconut drink with added probiotics). They even grow their own veggies and all their delicious foods are made fresh daily in-house using the purest and most natural ingredients available.

The Chef Culinary artist, Shanti Allen, is the master mind behind the scenes that prepares some of the most delicious deserts and treats you could imagine. We highly recommend their “cacao pow”, a scrumptious crunchy raw chocolate ball that softly melts in your mouth and makes you feel WOW! We really enjoyed the delicious vegan quiche too.

Alchemy also has a strong commitment to caring for the planet and is very conscious of every choice they make. From the way the cafe was constructed – using old recycled wood – to the plates they use and even the straws for the juices – made of papaya stems – not to mention their take away boxes, made by their staff from banana leaves!


For the lover of healthy living this place is a gem not to be missed. Enjoy!