Thermomix versus Vitamix

Disclaimer: this is my personal opinion only. I do not work for Vitamix or Thermomix. I own a thermomix which I use on a daily basis and have recently used a Vitamix for a ten day period. I do not profess to be an expert on either machine. I welcome feedback on this post if you have information to share.

For those of you who don’t have time to read my full post..or who simply want my opinion without the facts, I am going to cut to the chase and say this: the Thermomix is a superior machine to the Vitamix due to its far greater capability. It is also considerably more expensive which in turn justifies it’s capability. I paid just short of $2,000 for mine. I understand a Vitamix will cost anywhere from (approximately) $800-$950. There are some great payment plans for the Thermomix which make it a lot more affordable for many.

Ok, good. I am glad I got my opinion out of the way (bracing for onslaught ;-) . Now for a few facts.

Thermomix – why I love like I do.
1. It supports my whole foods diet. I rarely buy anything in a packet because my thermomix pretty much does it all for me. I can: grind grains to flour; mill coffee and spices; make nut milks & nut butters, protein balls, smoothies, butter, cheese; steam my vegies whilst I cook my quinoa and poach my chicken. Now I know the Vitamix does the grinding, milling and blending but the difference here is in the sheer speed it takes to do these things. The thermomix has far greater power.
2. It has a reverse speed which stirs or blends with the dull side of the blades so as not to continue chopping or grinding your ingredients.
3. It allows you to prepare a whole dish at the same time. Steam your rice in the bottom whilst you steam your chicken on top and your veg on top of that.
4. It allows for very slow or very fast stirring. If you are looking to make a salad for example you would not do what I (initially) did and throw everything in and blend on speed 9 for 5 seconds..your salad becomes a raw risotto (which was actually a damn tasty result). What you can do is throw your salady ‘chunks’ in and chop on a low speed to obtain the salad consistency you are after.
5. The cooking feature is the BEES KNEES! AND, you don’t have to stir! You can throw in your onion and garlic in, chop it in 2 or 3 secs, add your oil and let it saute to it’s heart’s content. You may then throw in vegetables and stock and decide to make a soup – all in the one machine. It’ll cook, then blend. Say goodbye to piles of dishes! The Thermomix heats foods from 37-100 degrees.
6. It has a timer and far out how much do I love that! To steam my veg I pop them in the steamer and set it to about 13 or 14 minutes and leave the kitchen. No more checking my steamer – I know how I like my veg and so does my thermomix. This frees you up to do many things at once..fantastic for the busy multi-tasker!
7. It has a built in scale which is sensational. You whack it on zero, pour your ingredient in, pop it back onto zero, pop the next ingredient in. SO easy.
9. The jug is quite short and broad at the bottom making it easy to get at the mixture at the bottom.
8. Thermomix provide a great after-sale service.

The thermomix cons
1. You can’t see through the stainless steel jug to see how things are faring. This takes a bit of getting used to. You have to switch it off and remove the lid to check, although you can see through a small hole in the lid which helps. Having said that the stainless steel jug is very heavy wearing.
2. The jug only holds 2 litres which I believe is as much as other blenders – it just means if you are cooking for a larger family you may not be able to make enough curry in one sitting.
3. There is a bit of a process to buying them – you can’t just order one off the internet. There are ‘catches’ i.e. you have to hold a thermomix demo with friends to obtain all of the attachments and you need to continue to hold demo’s if you want additional, reduced price attachments. Having said that the demo is fantastic because it teaches you all about it’s capability.
4. It’s expensive, there is no denying that.
5. You can’t do EVERYTHING so you do still need some other appliances. I wish it had a mandolin attachment that would allow me to slice very finely.
6. As I cook for one person most often, if you don’t have a lot of ingredients in the bowl it can take a bit of fiddling around. For instance, if you want to make a small portion of pesto you have to keep opening the lid and push the mixture back down onto the blades.

A word on the VitamixVitamix-EMBED
There is no doubting the fact my post is going to be a tad lop sided but I think you’ll understand why. It really does come down to the fact the Thermomix is capable of so much more. Having said that, there have been times when I have felt I could probably get by with a Vitamix (if I hadn’t been so fortunate to have received my Thermomix as a gift from my parents). I do a lot of blending, grinding and milling all of which can be done in the Vitamix.

So, a few thoughts on the Vitamix:
1. It’s much more affordable.
2. It has a clear jug enabling you to see what is going on.
3. It has a higher RPM (revolutions per minute) – I do believe this makes a bit of difference. I think it creates a much smoother smoothie or soup for example.
4. I found the height of the jug and narrow bottom made it difficult to get at my mixture at the bottom.
5. I think I am right in saying the Vitamix has a 10 year warranty (the Thermomix only has a 2 year warranty which is a tad disappointing given it’s expense).
6. It doesn’t have a heating element however you can actually make and heat a soup in the Vitamix. It heats via the speed of the blend.
7. It doesn’t have a timer and this I found disappointing. You can’t switch it on and walk away, you need to have your whits about you, unlike the thermomix.

That I believe sums up my thoughts. I hope this helps you with your purchasing decision. As above, please feel free to share your thoughts around my (personal) opinions!

Happy cooking guys.