The ‘pack a punch’ protein balls

 Does anyone else get a bit stuck for quality protein snacks during the day? I swear, there are only so many eggs an egg lover wants to eat…and so many handfuls of shaved turkey for that matter. If you’re upping the anti on the exercise front a handful of nuts doesn’t always cut the mustard either. So these ‘pack a punch’ protein balls were designed with my new exercise regime in mind – as a snack that would see me through from lunch to dinner, as far as humanely possible ;-)

Pack a Punch Protein Balls
I think it’s almost impossible to go wrong with protein balls like these, I tend to keep throwing bits in the blender, taste testing as I go until it seems right (enough). Use any nuts you like, it really won’t matter. Please note that these are not a particularly sweet ball, there are only 5 dates in there and a tiny bit of oil so they are erring on a little dry which is ok for me in light of my current ‘clean eats’ program. Throw in a few more dates and/or coconut oil if  you would like a richer, moister consistency. 

150 grams activated almonds
100 grams activated walnuts
50 grams brazil nuts
60 grams pure whey protein (or powder of choice)
35 grams chia seeds
2 heaped tblspns raw cacao
5 fresh medjool dates, pips removed and cut into pieces
1 tbslpn goji berries
2 tblspns coconut oil
2 tblspns water
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder


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