30 Blogs with Luscious Strawberry Recipes for Spring Strawberries

However, the strawberries that you pick fresh in May and June might taste sweeter than those purchased in November. Some of these recipes will even work with frozen strawberries, so you can make these dishes year round.  Take a look at some of the different drink recipes, breakfast ideas, fresh salads, delectable desserts and tasty snacks in these 30 blog entries.


Enjoying some strawberries, either fresh or frozen, in a drink is incredibly refreshing.  There’s something about strawberries that transports you to a summer day sitting on the porch.  Whether it’s a cocktail or a tall glass of strawberry lemonade, you will not want to miss trying these tasty drink recipes found on the following six blog posts.


Celebrate being able to get strawberries almost year round by making one of these delectable strawberry breakfast dishes.  There’s nothing like enjoying strawberry French toast or strawberry porridge to start your morning on the right foot.  Take a look at the other recipes on these six blog articles.


Those pops of sweet red strawberries in your salad make it seem more like a dessert than a healthy salad.  Traditionally, a strawberry salad will have spinach in it, but there are many other varieties of lettuce that you might enjoy with strawberries as well.  Take a look at these six blog entries and see for yourself.


Many people may think of strawberries in desserts more than any other type of recipe.  There are many strawberry dessert recipes to be found, that is for sure.  Everything from frozen desserts, such as strawberry ice cream, to strawberry cake mix cookies can be found on these six blog posts.  Check them out and see if you can bring in a little summer sweetness to your next dinner time.


You may be wondering how strawberries can be a snack in any other form than straight from the bowl, but don’t worry they can.  What about dried strawberries?  You can use dried strawberries in granola bars or trail mix.  You can dip strawberries in all sorts of things and eat them as a snack.  Think outside the strawberry box on this one and you will come up with several snack ideas on your own.  For some inspiration, take a look at these six blog entries and see if you can throw together a strawberry snack for the kids today.

Next time you’re in the store, check out the strawberries.  Smell them and see if they smell sweet and make sure there are no moldy ones in the box.  Then grab a bunch and take them home to try these luscious strawberry recipes for yourself.

* Some of these recipes might not be that healthy, or vegan – you can however use sugar substitutes and non dairy ingredients too 🙂 best to always try and make it as healthy as possible if you can.