Steaming hot Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge

  • It’s versatility – makes great breakfasts, lunches and dinners, sweet and savoury
  • It’s amazingly high in protein which is very important if you body craves it like mine does
  • It is gluten free
  • It is a seed, not a grain which is significant in that it is easier to digest than many grains
  • It has a low glycaemic (GI)
  • It is high in dietary fibre
  • It is very easy to cook! Bring it to the boil, leave the lid on and doing the ironing for 12-15 minutes (or mow the lawn, you get my drift). No brainer.

That’s it for today’s quinoa tutorial though because I am here today to share a terribly easy quinoa recipe that garnered a fair bit of attention on instagram a while back.

Click here for recipe: