ALL COCONUT WATERS ARE NOT THE SAME! New Tiana is UK’s freshest Coconut Water


But not all coconut waters are what they seem, with many made from coconut powder, concentrate or from a blend of different coconut waters that are shipped around the world before being packaged.

Unlike other brands, new fair trade Tiana Organic – available at Ocado and all good health stores now – comes from a single source of fresh, young, organic coconuts and is canned within three hours of the coconuts being opened. That means it maintains taste and freshness, and maximises all the nutritional values for which coconut water has become famous.

As a result, Tiana Organic can uniquely promise to deliver the freshest coconut water available to ensure the drink’s well documented, naturally hydrating nutrients – including sodium, potassium and magnesium – remain at optimum levels.It also means it tastes better, with Tiana Organic being awarded ‘Best Coconut Water’ in Janey Lee Grace’s 2012 Platinum Awards – voted for by experts, testers and consumers. Celebrated health guru Janey simply describes Tiana Organic as ‘fresh coconut juice in a can – nothing added, fantastically refreshing and a great sports drink”.

Tiana Organic founder Tanya Harris, a trained food scientist, explains: “Coconut water has become famous in the last couple of years for its health-giving and hydrating properties, as it contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and hormones that are all beneficial to health. It is also a natural isotonic, containing essential electrolytes that help recovery and rehydration after exercise.
“But not all coconut waters are the same and only Tiana Organic carries the promise of coming from a single source of young, green coconuts that is canned within such a short time of them being opened.”
Tiana Organic is now available from Ocado (RSP: £1.76/350ml) and at all good health stores nationwide.


  Tiana Organic is the world’s premier fair trade and certified Organic Coconut Water
·      Made from the finest, freshest young coconuts, Tiana Organic is canned within 3 hours of the coconuts being opened
·      100% Pure, Certified Organic, Nothing Added, Vegan, No GMO, No fat, No cholesterol, No preservatives, No additives, No added sugar & Low in calories.
·      Delicious and refreshing, TIANA is the best tasting coconut water available.
·      Naturally isotonic, Tiana Organic contains essential electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.
·       Highly effective for rehydration – hydrates quicker than water.