Effective Weight Loss For Christmas – Introducing The Paleo Slim Programme – Free Recipe Here!

Would you like to


1. Feel more energised?

2. Control cravings?

3. Lose weight?

4. Combat chronic illness and reduce inflammation?

5. Improve cardiovascular health?

6. Improve gastrointestinal health?


Then this is the perfect programme for you.


Advance Nutrition’s Paleo Slim Programme is an incredibly powerful way of eating to combat chronic disease, excess weight, inflammation, autoimmune conditions as well as promoting health and vitality for life.  Advance Nutrition has been using the Paleo style of eating in clinic to support clients and help weight loss.  Due to demand they have collected some of the most popular recipes into this E Book.


The Paleo diet is not just another diet. It is a lifestyle; a change in the way you eat and live. It is also a personalised plan designed to find the foods that make you healthy and energised. Try the Paleo programme for 30 days and see how good you look and feel.


This Recipe E book contains over 40 tried and tested recipes – quick and easy smoothies, paleo granola and muffins, nourishing soups and stews, warm and cold salads, egg dishes, treats and delicious snack foods.


Why not start the day with baked eggs in prosciutto or quick and easy paleo bread?  Then savour my seared raspberry duck or cumin steaks with salsa for lunch and a comforting meatloaf or gingered beef stew for dinner.


The book also includes treats such as pecan pumpkin tart, maca lemon ice bars and paleo chocolate cookies.


It also includes tips for following the Paleo style of eating – what to include and what to avoid together with menu suggestions to help you plan your week.  Delicious, simple recipes suitable for busy families that can help you shift that excess weight and feel more energised.


To purchase the Ebook log on to the website www.advancenutrition.co.uk. In addition to complement this E Book people can book in for a one to one consultation to tailor the diet and recipes to their own health goals


Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pecan Pumpkin Tart

I love cooking with seasonal produce  – pumpkins have a wonderful sweet buttery flavour making them perfect in sweet dishes.  I developed this fabulous dessert to make it gluten free and dairy free – it is also a big hit with children.  For speed you use a can of pumpkin puree but you can also steam pumpkin or butternut squash and puree it yourself. If you are interested in some ideas for festive gluten and dairy free treats then book onto my Cookery Day on 2nd December in Wokingham, Berkshire. See my website for details www.advancenutrition.co.uk 

Pumpkin Tart Recipe


250g pecan nuts 

60g pitted soft dates 

1tbsp Vanilla extract

2-3tbsp agave nectar or honey



400g can pumpkin puree

2 eggs

125ml Vanilla Rice Dream or Coconut milk

1tsp ground cinnamon

1tsp allspice

1tsp ground ginger

1tbsp vanilla extract

60g soft brown sugar



Place the pecan nuts in a food processor and process until very fine.  Add the dates and agave and process until the mixture comes together. Press the mixture into a greased loose bottom 20cm round cake tin.   

Place all the filling ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. Pour into the cake tin and bake for 1 hour until the filling has puffed up in the centre and turn light golden. 

Serve warm or cold. Decorate with a dusting of icing sugar, cocoa powder and crushed pecan nuts

Calories per serving 311kcal, Protein 4.9g, Carbohydrates 19.9g of which sugars 18.9g, Total Fat 23.8g of which saturates 2.3g

Recipe copyright Christine Bailey www.advancenutrition.co.uk