Blue Monkey Coconut Water – The Real Deal.

I suspect my first encounter with coconut water is similar to many others.  I joined the hot yoga craze about two years ago and noticed my fellow yogis drinking coconut water after classes.  It was then that I learned of the amazing hydrating ability of coconut water far superior than a sports drink and without the additives and high calorie count.  On weekends at our family beach house my father and I would sometimes pull down coconuts from our trees, peel them and drill a couple of holes in them to crack them open (with difficulty!).  We’d taste the sweet coconut water inside and nibble on the coconut flesh.  My yoga studio only stocked Blue Monkey Coconut Water and this product in my opinion is as close as it gets to harvesting that coconut yourself!  

 I’ve tried numerous other Coconut Water products but all seem inferior to Blue Monkey.  Blue Monkey Coconut Collection offers a full beverage line of high quality, pure and not from concentrate all natural coconut water and juice blends.  

  •  Coconut Water with or without pulp
  •  Coconut Water and Juice Blends – Passion fruit / Pomegranate and Acai / Guava / Mango
  •  Instant Coconut Water Mix (spray dried, dehydrated coconut water with a little bit of natural sugar re-added to replace sugars lost during dehydration)
Their 80% coconut water and 20% juice blends are amazing and great for someone who is new to coconut water and may be hesitant go “all the way” or for those wanting something a little different.  The juice flavors truly complement the coconut water taste.  
The icing on the cake about the Blue Monkey Coconut Water brand is that it is sustainably sourced and harvested from South East Asia plantations.  They select young coconuts which typically are higher in minerals and nutrients (unlike the brown mature ones you see in grocery stores) and undergo a strict screening process for quality and sweetness.  In addition to their high standard of quality, ethical treatment and environmental conditions of the coconut growers and processors, is a key requirement of the brand. 
Blue Monkey uses BPA free recyclable can packaging which also provides a longer shelf life of 2 or more years.  No sugar, no preservatives, no additives means that what you drink from the can, you drink from the coconut.  
Blue Monkey Coconut Water is available in the USA and Canada at Whole Foods Market and select stores.  It’s also readily available through Amazon. They are in the process of negotiating distribution in Japan,Korea, UK and Australia.