Nutrition advice – Calcium

In all the research and experimenting I have done plus a stack of anecdotal research in the form of personal stories of rejuvenation around the world this is the one thing that consistently came up – the higher the diet in fruit and leafy greens AND the lower it is in animal products and even grains (despite their plant status) the younger, slimmer and more gorgeous you will be. You will also be much healthier and way less susceptible to degenerative conditions and diseases.


I strive for excellence not mediocrity so I apply this research directly to my own life, not in any small doses but all the way; hence my diet being exclusively made up of the very best Facelift Foods – Fruit and Salad. That’s it. I am not a fan of labels but one could refer to me as a raw vegan or specifically Low Fat Raw Vegan or of you want to be more accurate, you might say I was fruitarian.


In this world of semi-health those of us who choose to be super-healthy, sexy, gorgeous and vibrant are seen as the weird ones and we often get questioned about where some of our nutrients come from (again how weird? we all know how nutritious fruit and veg are and yet those eating burgers, chips and cake washed down with beer do not get questioned about their nutritional status – which will always be appalling!). So to appease those who thirst for facts I am creating a series of blogs and vlogs to educate on the most common nutrients as questioned.


Today we look at Calcium. Shout out now if you know the best sources of Calcium…


Did you say dairy? Sorry but dairy is nowhere near the best source of Calcium. Don’t worry it’s just food industry brainwashing, let me show you the way.


Did you say green vegetables? You are partially right as they are a good source but we will get to why they are not the best


Did you say nuts like almonds and tahini? Sorry, just as bad as dairy for a few reasons.


So who said fruit? no one? Did anyone know that fruit is one of the best, if not THE best, source of bio-available calcium?


I have work to do..


Dairy = Bad source

There is HUGE list of reasons that dairy is not the best Calcium source, here are just a few main ones:

1. Too high in fat (fat increases Calcium loss from the body)

2. Wrong ratio of phosphorous:Calcium (high levels of phosphorous increases calcium loss from the body)

3. Hard for the human body to digest (its is designed for a baby cow with no less than 4 stomachs!)

4. It is pastuerised (cooked) rendering it even harder to breakdown and assimilate

5. Cow milk is full of bovine growth hormones and pus and blood (ok this is not stricly a reason why it is not a good Calcium source but I felt it needed a mention. I don’t want to have to down a couple of pints to ensure my Calcium inatake when there are better sources available, don’t you agree?)


Green vegetables = An ok source but not the BEST

They do contain bio-available Calcium but..

1. you would need to eat HUGE quantities to get the recommended amount of 700mg a day, I worked out that I’d need 1.5 kilos (!!) of broccoli each day to fulfill my requirements. That’s a lot of greenery and what about young children who are usually not big fans of green vegetables?


Nuts & Seeds = Not a good source

1. Tahini is high in fat, to get your 700mg of Calcium from tahini you would have to eat 170g of it a day which would also give you over 80g of fat!! high fat diets cause Calcium loss from the body

2. To get enough Calcium from almonds you would need to eat 250g of them a day which would also give you 133g of fat!! To rely on nuts and seeds to give you Calcium is like to rely on Vodka and orange to give you vitamin C. Could you even eat that many almonds in one day?


Ok now we’ve debunked those sources, what’s left?



Did you know that oranges are an amazing Calcium source,  plus they come with high amounts of other nutrients such as Folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and high amounts of the vitamin B complex.

Just 10 oranges (1 pint of juice) provides 600mg of Calcium.

My morning smoothie of 10 oranges and 2 mangos provides my entire intake of 700mg of Calcium.

Because I also eat leafy greens (in normal sized protions, not 1.5 kilos) I often get way over the recommended intake of Calcium. Yesterday it was over 1000mg (which is how much a breasfeeding lady requires)


The Facelift Science


Find out all about calcium’s role in the body in this easy-to-digest video on calcium  by The Facelift Food Coach