Now I love Coconut Water! Thanks to Dr Martins Coco Juice! – Jasmanne Matthews

Yep I did it! I took the plunge to try coconut water one more time. I wasn’t too keen on it the first time I ever tried it. I really wanted to have it on a regular basis because of it’s amazing benefits, but it was the taste that really threw me off.

Every Wednesday is fruit and vegetable day, I always look forward to Wednesday’s. I get my organic fruit & vege box from Dynamic Organics, a beautiful little shop alongside the Mandurah Marina.

As I was browsing the store, I came across Dr. Martins Coconut Water. I thought to myself, “well it’s a different brand so maybe it might taste different?”. I grabbed a small carton along with my fruit and vege’s, and also a yummy bag of organic popcorn. Can I just say that organic popcorn is AMAZING!! Wowey! So tasty!

As I got home, I was excited to try it but I was always very hesitant. As I opened it up, I could smell the crisp smell of fresh coconuts, the exact smell of when you crack a coconut open. I took a sip and thought “wow, this one actually taste good!” Hallelujah!! So happy that I have finally found a brand that I can really enjoy, without the worry of it tasting a little errrr funky?
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