How is Your Body Ecology? The Baby Boomer Diet by Donna Gates

‘The Baby Boomer Diet-Body Ecology’s Guide to growing Younger’ – Donna Gates

As an avid fan of Donna Gates first book The Body Ecology Diet I eagerly awaited her follow up and jumped at the chance to review it. It did not disappoint. The Baby Boomer Diet:Body Ecology’s guide to growing younger is an invaluable anti-age manual which will encourage you to nourish your body & soul using nutrient-rich living foods. It reworks the 7 original principals of anti age healing from the first book which are;

The principal of balance

The principal of acid & alkaline

The principal of uniqueness

The principal of cleansing

The principal of food combing

The principal of 80/20

The principal of step-by step

The title seems at first restrictive. Who are baby boomers and is the book only aimed at them? Firstly ’Baby Boomer’ is a phrase coined to describe the first generation that was born after the Second World War. After the war finished and normality resumed so began a new age of prosperity and mass production and baby making! So it was named the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation ( people born between 1946-1964). During this era and the proceeding years these babies would grow up in a time that unlike any before saw the most rapid changes in all areas of life. Both politically & ideologically. The invention of mass processed foods and ‘TV fast-food dinners’ from America, wide use of pesticides, petrochemical and the plastic boom, and GM crops have all changed the way this generation of babies ate.

The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity