Femininiteea Time

Being a medicinal blend, all of these herbs are included specifically to support and nurture women’s health.

It’s recommended that you use about a fifth of the packet for a teapot (I actually use a Cafetiere), and you can top up with water at least three times. This means that this magical mixture is very economical – always a bonus!

What I like to do with any leftover tea is to leave it cool, and then use it as the base for nut and seed milks – it super charges them!

It has a totally gorgeous, very gentle taste; you can practically feel it nourishing you as you sip away!


There’s something ever so comforting about this blend…I think that teas such as this one will be incredibly helpful in the colder months.

Oh, and it goes pretty amazingly with a piece of raw chocolate cake!

You can get some Femininiteea, and loads of other raw foods and superfoods, from Raw Living!