How Eating Cake This Year Is Going To Be GOOD For You!

If you’ve got a sweet-tooth, (and lets face it, most of us do) then you might be on the lookout for healthier treats to tame those often impossible to ignore sugar cravings.

Making raw food is one way to still eat something oh-so delicious without sacrificing your health. Raw food recipes can be made without sugar and other harmful ingredients, and provide a fantastic opportunity to increase the nutritional density of your diet, since you can include a wide array of superfoods.

Raw Desserts

While it’s true that raw food is not particularly hard to make – you definitely don’t have to be a qualified chef to do it, and do it well – it does sometimes require a bit of guidance if you want your cakes to have that Wow Factor.extra special birthday cake

I’ve personally made quite a few pretty nasty concoctions over the years, causing my husband to say, and I quote: “Wow that looks just like manure!” Those disasters always ended up gracing the bottom of my trash bin. (Note to self – always use a recipe unless naturally gifted at making raw food!).

Someone who is super duper talented with raw food treats is none other than Victoria Jane Leith, hailed as one of the best raw cake makers in the business. Victoria has made cakes, chocolates, and other treats for some of the big names in raw such as Shazzie, Russell James (who has been called The Best Raw Chef by The Times Newspaper) and many more.

Over the years she has been asked not only to teach others how to make her cakes, but to help people gain the tools they need to develop their own delicious recipes – without fear of creating something destined for the trash.

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Raw Cakes

Chocolate log

Just recently, a fantastic 9-week online course was launched with Victoria which already has people from around the world raving. As a student, you learn everything you need to know about how to make drool-worthy, super tasty, healthy and stunning raw cakes.

Each week  you receive an email with download instructions for the modules; she provides PDFs, which you get to keep, and videos to help you master your new craft. It really is like having Victoria right there in yourchristmas cake home.

The course explains what ingredients to use to create vibrant colors that are not derived from synthetic chemicals, and even provides a business model to teach you how to turn your new found skills into a money-earning venture.

Victoria has chosen a lot of the ingredients in her cakes for their health boosting qualities. Victoria had very poor health years ago and she suffered from hay-fever, eczema, constant colds, and sore throats. All that changed by making small dietary changes; eating raw foods truly helped turn her health around.

Cashews feature a lot in her cakes. Did you know that cashews are known as ‘Nature’s Prozac’ and have been shown to be much more effective than mainstream drugs at countering depression? So, eating this way may actually make you feel happier! Victoria also uses turmeric, beetroot, wheatgrass and spirulina for colour (see her Cake of Wonderment photo!), all of which help to add a whole load of amazing nutrients to your diet. And of course, she doesn’t use sugar, eggs, gluten, wheat or dairy in her recipes, making them ideal for children.

What Do Others Have To Say About Victoria’s Cakes & Course?

Tanya Maher from Tanya’s in Chelsea : “Victoria’s Wondercake Cake Course is the only one I’ll recommend for anyone wanting to learn how to make killer (I mean enlivening) healthy-but-stupidly-tasty raw cakes!”

Russell James (The Best Raw Chef By The Times Newspaper) ‘The Best Cake I Ever Tasted!’

Victoria regularly seduces me with gifts, which I always love. She even wrote and recorded a song for me! But you know what? Her cakes are her best gifts… Not because they are better than the other gifts, all her gifts are amazing! They are her best gifts because I get to eat them, and then all her lovely loveliness becomes a part of me. They really are wonder cakes and they really do make you feel wonderful ” Shazzie –

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Victoria has a special discounted price. To book your spot or to check out more about this fantastic course please click here.