Super Nourishing “All Day” Smoothie

By Peace Ravenwood

Of all the wonderful smoothie recipes out there I simply LOVE the green ones the most!
I spend most of the day just eating meals in a glass, either a juice or smoothie – and this one really does set you up for sustained energy and super mood boosting lushness.

Serves 2

6 small ripe (spotty) bananas – use frozen if you like
1 packed cup of spinach
1/2 avocado
1 cup cashew (or other nut milk) milk
1 or 2 cups water
1 Tbsp Green Powder mix – your favourite

1 tsp shelled hemp seeds
1 tsp bee pollen *optional

Place all the ingredient in the blender – apart from the hemp seeds and pollen, which you will sprinkle on top to garnish, and process until creamy smooth – enjoy, knowing your day just got AWESOME!

Full of nutrients, essential fats, sugars and proteins, what more could you ask for – this is a
scrummy balanced meal.
Here’s why this is my daily staple:

Bananas are my ‘go to’ fruit of choice, full of potassium and tryptophan (that lovely mood booster) and slow release fructose that powers my day.
Spinach to give us bone health – just 1 cup provides all the calcium and Vitamin K we need (and then some)
Avocado delivers awesome fats for our brains and nervous system along with Vitamin E and C – anti-inflammatory goodness
Add in creamy cashew milk and oh boy you have such an amazing meal – creamy, magnesium rich, mood enhancing and oh so healthy for the heart!
Hemp and Bee Pollen pack in so many off the scale elements and uber proteins.


Peace Ravenwood – International Cacao Goddess Extraordinaire and certified Raw Chef

Peace trained with Elaina Love at her Pure Joy Culinary Academy in 2012 and came back even more fired up about raw chocolate and raw lifestyles in general.

Peace teaches from her Raw Cacao Kitchen, based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and travels around sharing the benefit of eating raw plant based foods from the UK to warmer climes!

A passionate entrepreneur chocolate Goddess and wild, foraging organic gardener, she brings together all her skills to create AWESOME foodie delights under the moniker The Nourished Vegan.

Exciting times for this super amazing foodie feasting faery, as her joint venture with Chef Niki Gordon brings to reality their VERY special cacao – about to be launched upon the land, spreading sparkles of magic everywhere – Pure Xocolatl is about to be born!