As the ceaseless interaction of liking and disliking, the polarities of unhappiness, got more and more intense, man’s finest technical achievements poured out in a mind-boggling stream. No one person could any longer appreciate them; and certainly could not catalogue them. In spite of best intentions, they were all the product of unhappiness. And as such they caused more and more discontent.

   The worst (like the best in electronics) was always yet to come. But time was no longer a protection or barrier. Any day could be the day of the final break-through.

   And so the rot went on, unabated. A continuous process, unseen and unheeded. The politicians continued their compromise and the masses remained unconscious. On no account was the massed unconsciousness to be disturbed, for to disturb it is the most dangerous thing in the world. The tricky, but intuitively wise politicians always knew better than to disturb the masses, unless their massive emotion could be pointed away from home towards a distant enemy (as in the World Wars).

   No one involved could see where it was all leading. Especially not the media people. They had not the slightest inkling of what was really going on. Along with fooling the masses, they fooled themselves, right to the end. Cocksure of their superficial ‘good story’ importance, they were too irresponsible to comprehend their role and its appalling consequences in another time. They had the feeling of being in charge, as a child might feel sitting at the controls of a great airliner while the Captain, crew and parents look on and applaud. But like the child, they could not comprehend the overall significance and responsibility of such power and position, the intelligence of which must know what it is doing and where it is going.

   The way was clear for the new god of the world, the blind force of unhappiness, to do what it wanted.

   If you are serious in the endeavour to free yourself of unhappiness you will be able to discern the truth or otherwise of this ‘history’. It was written in 1985 and by the time you read it, things will have become even worse. Much that is said here has already been revealed in your own experience. But continue to observe events as they develop. Watch for signs of what is to come. Some are extremely subtle. Others grotesquely obvious.

   The person of the unconscious masses will not notice anything very unusual until the final panic starts to set in. Even then the causes will not be seen and those culpable will never know what they did – for no one will be responsible.

Coming to all nations on a scale not before experienced or imagined are civil strife, economic disruption, political instability, morale-destroying assassination and public murder; terrorist mayhem, massive breakdown in democratic law and order, riots and warlike destruction of property and security; open police violence, reprisals and savage army intervention against the democratic masses.

   Leading up to all this, home television screens will increasingly show unprecedented police, army and paramilitary brutality against civilian populations, all in the name of maintaining law and order.

   These film-reports will be designed – unconsciously, because the media does not know what it is doing – to accustom and harden the viewers to unparalleled acts of violence yet to come against the people. The public is being surreptitiously prepared and educated to accept outrageous demonstrations of cruelty and intimidation by the democratic authorities. It will put to them that all this is normal, necessary and commendable.

   If I am wrong and foolish this will not happen and is not happening. But do keep watching the television screens – without becoming inured to the violence or excusing what you see.

   Civil disturbances in all countries will continue to increase against the background of mounting international distrust and fears for national survival. Along with encouraging signs of co-operation, there will be menacing re-alignments. Politicians of all nations will parley and announce agreements to raise the people’s hope. But the rot will persist, nurtured by the naive media.

   The bad news the media puts out will increase in exact proportion to the entertainment they broadcast. One will balance the other, so that the significance of either, or what is really happening, will not be noticeable.

   Television viewers, multiplying throughout the world at about the same rate as the bad news, will be treated to an almost endless feast of human misery and wantonness – grand entertainment, like a good seat at the Coliseum on a Lions-and- Christians day.

   The coverage of both news and entertainment will slowly reduce in focus, while at the same time the effect will intensify. And this will raise the emotional temperature of the masses. To see what I am saying you’ll have to watch it happen as future events and as technological advances unfold.

   The news will continue to be even more riveting and exciting (very bad news for someone but very exciting for everyone else). Entertainment will be coming from various hook-ups around the world and therefore appear to be happening as different events in different places around the globe. But eventually the separate events will come together and be seen as one meaningful whole. Entertainment (what I like) and bad news (what I dislike) will merge. The excitement of the bad news will become the main entertainment: no one will want to see or hear anything else. The pleasure will then become the pain, and the pain the pleasure.

   Just before the end, liking and disliking will start to lose their meaning, their value. Unbridled excitement will not be far away.


   And still no one will realise the simple truth of what is happening, and how it is being done, although many will sense the approach of something unprecedented in human history.

   The simple truth is that the world only exists to give you what you want: the truth, or untruth, whichever you are looking for.

Extract from the Barry Long book title:

‘Only Fear Dies’ (pp 102-104)                            BUY A COPY HERE