Good For Nothing Worry

I had a really unusual dream last night where I was shown all of the things that I could be worrying about at the moment, it could have been viewed as negative and it could have easily bought me down but I was shown how far I’ve come because I’m not worrying at all. The dream also came through so that I would write this blog.  So as requested….

There was a long list of things in my dream that I could be worrying about including moving to a new country that I haven’t visited and where I don’t know anyone, with very little money, no work lined up, nowhere to live, not knowing when my partner will join me…. just to name a few

I used to worry (a lot) but have learnt not to. I know that everything will be looked after and that there’s no point in worrying.


Worry doesn’t ‘fix’ anything, it does change things though – for the worse, worry is filled with heavy negativity and by focusing on worry, then things are heavy and it’s like sending a negative wish to a situation. By worrying we’re living in the mind, in fears and the thoughts go around and around.


By being in the heart, we can’t possibly worry. It’s a great place to be. By being in the heart then we are living in love, and every situation and person we come into contact with is sent love from our heart. Things feel light and joyous and mountains can be moved without effort.


I often hear people say “but if I don’t worry, things will go wrong, I won’t be on the ball”. But reality is the opposite, by being in the heart, in love, then we are in the ball, we can feel when things need to be addressed and then address them with super effective ease.


I used to worry about my partner, I worried less and less but each time I did worry, even if subconsciously, I would be adding negative vibes to his situation. He used to say “please don’t worry about me” and he was right, he knew better than I did that it didn’t help his situation. I’ve stopped worrying and it feels great, our relationship is better, he’s doing great, the pressure is off and life is so much better. Phew!


By letting go of worry we let spirit take over. If we’re worrying we block the work of god, we change the course. By letting go and being in the heart, all of those sparkly beings who are there to help us are more able to step in and carry us through, to help us clear what we need to clear, to experience what we need to experience and to live life to the fullest.


So, my best advice is to catch ourselves, often! To breathe into our hearts when ever we feel those waves of negativity, those pangs of worry. That practice alone will shift so much.


And practice gratitude, look at every situation in life with gratitude, even the tricky stuff… It’s all come along because we’ve invited it in so that we can learn and grow, breathe into your heart and be grateful. The tricky stuff will shift miraculously and the lovely stuff will multiply.


Wishing you care free days and care free nights :)