Putting down your burdens and shining your beautiful light!

Venus has been so clear in the night sky, shining down upon me and giving me nudges, reminding me to love. I could feel big stuff was coming but couldn’t put my finger on what it was (apart from being about love), until last night…

We were being prepared for an influx of light and a big shift.

And wow! What a day the 11.12.13 was, I felt so much shifting, could see people everywhere opening their crown chakras, opening their hearts and allowing a new perspective in. Conversations we’re had that were life changing, energies were received that we’re life changing and with that humanity changed. I could see the masses changing and no amount of resistance could or would block that change. It’s earth changing stuff!


And it can only get better from here, there’s no turning back, the doors have been further opened and absolutely everyone is effected….  there’s no escaping energy.

It’s up to each individual to create change. We no longer need leaders to show the way, we are our own great leaders, our hearts know the answers, our hearts know the way. Nelson Mandela for one has handed the baton over to us.

Our higher self is a wise being having traveled through a multitude of lifetimes, experienced so much and collected so much wisdom and positive energy… allow that highest part of yourself, your soul, to shine and life will be filled with grace :)

I was told earlier in the year that I would no longer need to struggle. My consciousness knew that was possible but my lower self was still struggling – after all I’d been well trained in the school of struggle. I was so relieved and shed so many emotions with a massive wave of relief. Now I am living without the sense of burden, without struggle, and it’s amazing.

It’s time for us all to put down our burdens and breathe, connect with our heart and remember the amazing being that we are… you are amazing!!!

Struggle is no longer needed.

Even if you’ve already released so much, you can go deeper, let go of more, this is our time to let go, even more.

Allow your light to shine, allow your heart to purr, to express, to radiate, to release.

Be of service to yourself, to your family, to humanity and to the cosmos by being in your heart and shining your beautiful light.

Love everything and everyone!

Look for love everywhere… even in the seemingly darkest soul, at the darkest moment you’ll see or feel the need for love, you’ll see a glimmer of hope, a glimmer of love and by connecting to that seed and sending your love, a beautiful flower can emerge. What a gift!

Love heals everything, love heals hate, greed, jealousy, loneliness. Love brings trust, peace, faith and connection, and of course more love!

By you shining your light you’re not only helping yourself but you’re helping humanity… No better reason for me :) .

I choose to shine my love even more, to let go even more and shine my light even more, in every moment. I choose to catch myself each time a negative thought, feeling or word tries to express, to breathe into my heart, allow it to release, and to focus on love. I choose to share my love!

Sending you much love from my heart …




“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.

To choose one’s own way”

~ Viktor Frankl ~