Gem’s story – a spiritual journey

Gem is a girl who feels that everything in life has a deeper meaning, but she doesn’t know how to find it. When she saves the life of a wandering monk, she asks him to be her teacher. He refuses. But he has no choice. Gem and the monk have many adventures together, some dangerous, some humorous and all of them deeply spiritual. But who is the teacher and who is the student? Gem’s story is a heartwarming novel about personal growth and two peoples’ search for the infinite. 

  • eBook £6.99 || $9.99
  • May 31, 2013. 978-1-78099-875-6.
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  • Paperback £6.99 || $12.95
  • May 31, 2013. 978-1-78099-876-3.

  • “The most powerful, uplifting and spiritual book I have ever had the pleasure of reading! Gem’s story touched my heart and soul, and gave me an extraordinary feeling of peace.” ~ Kathy Williams, publisher of I Survived / Thorns of Two Roses
  • “This book is a delight. Written in almost a hypnotic lyricism, it tells the story of trying to find meaning on the path of life. I find it difficult to express the joy that I had in reading it. I have a hope, indeed a feeling that Gem’s Story will become a classic, revered and enjoyed by young and old.” ~ Dawn Akyürek, UK, English Literature Teacher
  • “I’m a great admirer of Gem and have a lot of respect for her wisdom. I resort to this book at times of inner unrest, when I need some peace of mind, or need to commune with people I really care about. I can’t come up with any adjective good enough to describe the benefit and positive influence that Gem’s story can bring into one’s life.” ~ Renuka Ramesh, India
  • “In this day and age of action, violence and sex in fiction and video, it’s a blessed relief to read something that restores and inspires; that speaks to the soul. Gem’s story is a timeless fable, a gentle lesson in finding God, and, yes, a love story — but not the usual sort of love story. What the two main characters share is very special and rare, but the author imparts the hopeful message that we are all capable of this kind of spiritual love.” ~ Francesca H. Kelly, Former Editor-in-Chief of the web magazine Tales from a Small Planet