Finding your Tribe

Things have changed so quickly in the past few decades with the speed of  so called advancing technology. Yes there are always two sides to the coin , yin and yang, sun and moon etc . So there are benefits of the media technology  like the freedom of speech on You Tube and such like forums. And bam before you know it you can Google almost anything on any subject you like!  But on the other side of the coin this speed and technology has left us bereft of connecting to prana or chi a lot less than before. Walking or dancing barefoot, being in nature  outdoors and so on.

Children are much more geared to and interested in their apps on the games on their mobile or whatever piece of equipment they choose to con-sole themselves with. They are tuning into another world of unreality. And loosing their natural inherent tribal skills of communication. There are even classes and workshops these days set up for teaching children on how to relearn their natural socialising  or communicating skills. Instead of being in their very own matrix of dis-connection. Connected to the wired zone-pad of speed and violence more than ever before making it quite  normal in all their eyes including the 3rd one!!

These forms of daily violence are not only  brainwashing them with all those subliminal messages but the electrical energy emitted from computers and mobile phones are destroying their pineal gland – the gland of intuition and much more.
The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body. ”    Epigenetics Bruce Lipton
Taking children out of nature , taking children out of natural social communicating skills, taking them away from interaction with another human being or their tribe sets up for unhealthy human beings.  Not knowing how to simply ask for help or communicate simple inner confusion. There it is the truth. Will they understand the truth of reality even less than humans do now. I wonder .


What will children of the future be able to offer to Mother Earth. Will they be able to form a tribe or a family ?









I ask these simple questions because doesn’t everything comes down to the art communication. It is an energy that requires to flow creating a mycelium of connection between everyone and Mother Earth.








The Tribe is our inherent need to feel that we belong. If we are unable to have faith in nature or a God or within a family tribe, where will this lead us to? Disconnection and a breakdown in human-kind.

Already we can see so many problems within the infrastructure of the so called system of governing bodies. What will it be like in the future? Guns or no guns allowed. This is not just about guns it is so deep rooted within these gangs that run around disconnected from a nourishing tribe that they will do anything to create their need of a  so called tribe – a gang of warfare.  The need  to belong to  A Tribe .
Will it take an apocalypse of tragic events to make people understand become aware of  the important simple things  in their life ?

Finding our Tribe is at our core essence of survival. It is so deep rooted like the roots of a tree within our downloaded DNA and biophotonic cellular energy. In Chinese Medicine they talk about this inherent nourishment as spleen energy as being the source of our  chi or prana . See my previous blog on walking barefoot






A Tribe creates a safe place to connect and to experience rituals involving the  circles of life and elements of nature like earth, wind, fire and  water . Allowing us to understand the how the Universe weaves her majick. A Tribe creates the place to create medicine made from the plants of Mother earth to allow for any sickness whether it be of mind body or spirit. It is organic and not contaminated with any man made poisons . A Tribe allows us to understand the mirrors that are within each of us. So that we may learn and grow from one another. Planting seeds of wisdom and nourishment on many levels from our souls to our bellies.

Before religion there was Paganism and Shamanism which were faiths and practices that  involved all that there is natural on this earth. People of various tribes and clans worked with the natural ebbs and flows of nature . They worshipped the sun and her energy and the other planets within the cosmos knowing that everything played a part in the consciousness of everything that vibrated from the earths core of DNA to the magnetic pull of the planets on the poles.

Nature was respected and was observed with wise eyes and grounded light bodies.

Indigenous believe in compassion and only took what they needed from Mother Earth . Very different from “an eye for an eye”  outlook.  All their relationships whether social or economic were based on gaining allies rather than multiplying enemies.  


Because there are no tribal clans anymore people now look for their tribal family sometimes outside their families to find a common soul ground of belief systems….from their yoga tribe, Shamanic tribe, raw food tribe, vegan tribe, dancing tribe and so on….where they feel they can connect with like minds and way of living. But really we are all connected . We know this when we experience open hearts. It is good to tolerate others harmless beliefs as we do our own.

Lets hope that 21st of Dec will bring in a new form of light compassionate energy to bring forth an awareness and tolerance  for humans and all that is nature after all that is what we are Mother Nature.


by Susan Laing